Nonfiction November Week 3

Week 3: (Nov. 12 to 16) – Be The Expert/Ask the Expert/Become the Expert (Katie at Doing Dewey): Three ways to join in this week! You can either share three or more books on a single topic that you have read and can recommend (be the expert), you can put the call out for good nonfiction on a specific topic that you have been dying to read (ask the expert), or you can create your own list of books on a topic that you’d like to read (become the expert).

Well, a wonderful person over on LibraryThing has offered to tutor me in the Wolf Hall trilogy next year, so starting January, I’ll be reading the whole trilogy at 50 pages a week.  (If anybody wishes to join me in this journey, let me know! Buddy reads are always fun.) I’ll be supplementing my reading with the following nonfiction books:





16 thoughts on “Nonfiction November Week 3

  1. Interesting reading! Those books look good. I read a few books on The English Civil War and The Restoration but I have yet to read a biography of Cromwell.

    The Wolf Hall books also look good. Happy reading!


    1. I think the Civil War and Restoration involved Oliver Cromwell and not Thomas Cromwell? Or am I wrong about that. I’m not the historian that I wish I were. Thomas Cromwell was in power during the English Reformation.


  2. I’m so excited about the this book finally coming out next year & was wondering if I would have the time to fit in a reread of the first 2 – I’m very, very tempted!


  3. I have read Mantel’s two first books Wolf Hall and Bring in the Bodies. I did not know that the third one was out. I loved the two first ones. Have read a lot about Henry VIII so I am taking a break from him now. But fascinating character and fascinating times. Good luck.


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