Social Justice Nonfiction Challenge 2020

Social Justice Challenge

Hi! I plan on focusing a good deal of my nonfiction reading on social justice issues next year (and the end of this year). I have been unable to find such a challenge in the past, so decided to host one this coming year. I will have a post each month on the first day for people to link up their reviews, starting in December 2019. Feel free to read as many or as few books as you desire. I will be aiming for about one book a month. Books that I plan on reading:


Please say in the comments if you would be interested in joining with your own selection of social justice books, so I can watch your blog.

33 thoughts on “Social Justice Nonfiction Challenge 2020

  1. I admire you for wanting to take on so many social justice books.They can be depressing topics, but so important.


  2. I am going to join this challenge! I hope to have a kick-off post ready after the Xmas holidays. I would appreciate any books you can suggest concerning social justice…just to help me with my research.


    1. Glad you’re joining Nancy! I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you about suggestions, it’s hard keeping up with my comments with the baby around!

      I’d suggest Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson for one. It was fantastic.

      Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates is another good one.

      Also try Half the Sky, by Nicholas Kristof


  3. I am a bookseller and just put up my “shelf of social injustice” recommends yesterday! I do hope my customers will be inclined to pick a few up. Btw, Beth Macy’s Dopesick is amazing!


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