Update February 14, 2020

Hi everyone. Hope you’re doing well. The week was eventful! On Friday evening, we were going to leave for Cub Scout Polar Camp but we had to wait until after I signed D up for theater camp. I was told to do it promptly at 7:30pm. I sat there for 5 minutes refreshing until the registration opened, took 8 minutes to fill out the form, and it sold out in that amount of time. 80 spots! So instead of the 5 week summer camp, I signed her up for a 1 week camp at the Children’s Theater.

After that, we still couldn’t leave for Polar Camp because I had to take a friend to the ER. Aaron hadn’t finished his portion of the packing, either, so we decided to wait till Saturday morning to leave.

Saturday, it was -2F out, so I couldn’t keep IL outside. How am I supposed to know when his little hands and feet were numb? So I spent all day either in the group cabin with the grubmaster,

or in the car for 2.5 hours with a sleeping IL,

with a short break for lunch with the kids (who were thoroughly enjoying themselves with outside activities).

That evening, we got our cabin all set up, and I put IL in the pack and play, and he immediately started wailing as if I’d jailed him. But I couldn’t let him wander because there was a wood stove made of iron. So I gave up and took IL home, leaving Aaron and the kids there.

The next morning, I was supposed to drive back and get them, but it was a snowstorm! And the camp, of course, was at the end of a long dirt road that surely wouldn’t be plowed. But I hauled myself and IL out there anyway, only to discover a car stuck in the entrance to the camp, with another car parked there to help push the first one out. I could have helped, I suppose, but I had another car on the road behind me, and wasn’t able to gracefully pull over. Besides, IL was in my car. So I drove into a nearby town and hunkered down for a few minutes before trying the entrance again.

However, we got home on time to get D to her audition (for a singing/dancing show the high school puts on…they have a kids’ ensemble), and get M to Code Ninjas and then swim lessons. We ended the day with a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings. We found out later in the week that D made the ensemble.

Tuesday, the family went out to dinner with my parents. It’s always nice for them to hang out with the kids. We also baked cupcakes for D’s girl scout troop, which we frosted on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday I was feeling unmotivated, so I went out to lunch with a friend. But I still managed to get through some laundry.

It’s not folded yet, but it’s all sorted into baskets by person. I plan to fold and put away today if I get the motivation.

(On a side note, this new WordPress editing format was confusing at first, but I’m getting the hang of it, I think!)

Also on Wednesday, my dad called me up at 2:30pm to say that mom was “unresponsive” and could I come over. I figured it was probably a seizure, so I took the time to call Aaron and ask him to come home so someone was there when the kids got off the bus. I then changed IL’s diaper. By that time, my dad called back and said she’d woken up. So I called Aaron to tell him not to come home after all. Apparently he was surprised, because he assumed “unresponsive” meant “dead!” šŸ¤£šŸ˜‚

Finally, on Thursday as I sat for 2 hours waiting for mom’s temporary crown to be placed, I had a long conversation with my cousin, who was feeling a bit down. When I got back to my parents’ I found out my nephew J had run away from home earlier that day! Luckily, he was found safely at his friend’s house, and the police talked to him, then let him stay there.

After all that, we went to parent teacher conferences. M got 99th percentile in math and 96th percentile in reading in this year’s standardized testing. I don’t know why they give those tests at the beginning of the year when brains have cobwebs instead of the end of the year when they have been studying all school year? Anyway, it’s nice to see him testing well.

D is really blossoming. She has managed to move past her problems with writing – which we had thought were a learning disability. For the past two years, she has qualified for programs for students who were falling behind. This year, she qualified for the gifted and talented program.šŸ™‚

Tonight, Aaron and I plan on staying in (it’s -15F out…and who wants to go out in Valentine’s Day crowds, anyway?). We’ll be eating steak and watching Supernatural.

I managed to move ahead on my reading this week, even! I read a bit of Wolf Hall, and listened to a bit of Station Eleven. Yay for me! Someone on Dewey’s Readathon FB page has organized a reading sprint. We’re supposed to read at least 30 minutes in one sitting each day for one week. I think I can handle that much. I will certainly not be able to have my own readathon this weekend, despite really wanting to.

PS Sorry you can’t comment on this post. I think it was a glitch with the new editor, but I reset my settings, so you should be able to comment on future posts. ā˜ŗ