My Life Focus

So I made an impossible list. But what’s a list without trying to get through it? You know me. So this little page is where I can find my focus on a quarterly basis.

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January – March

Health and Fitness

Steps goal – 52k steps per week

Drink one gallon of water a day – 6 days a week

Log food – 6 days a week

Reach 215lbs

Year of no sweets/chips – 1 small cheat a month


Keep up cleaning maintenance on the house and car for 12 months – I should clean the kitchen and livingroom 3 times a week. I should clean the bathrooms, nursery, car, sheets, bedroom, dining room, laundry room, basement and laundry one time a month. END GOAL: 45 YTD WEEKLIES; 10YTD MONTHLIES

Clean out dad’s house

  • Attic
  • Books
  • Basement
  • Treadmill
  • Shed
  • Mom’s room
  • Livingroom
  • Bathrooms

Education and Reading

I will focus on reading 2 books a month that I already own (or have started the series). In addition, I will read one book from the Well Educated Mind project, and one from the NPR top 100 Fantasy & Science Fiction list.

Start D&D campaign

For the soul

Attend mass 3 times a month