Crossed, by Ally Condie

2012 Book 164: Crossed

Written by Ally Condie, Narrated by Kate Simses and Jack Riccobono

Reason for Reading: Second book the the Matched trilogy


Cassia has been at a work camp for months now, but she hasn’t had the chance to find her lost love, Ky. So, when an opportunity arises for her to be sent “accidentally” to the Outer Provinces she snatches it up. Upon landing in the Outer Provinces, Cassia and her new friend Indie run away from Society, following Ky’s path. Meanwhile, Ky has also run away from Society with a couple of new friends. Will they find each other before Society or The Enemy find them? I thought Matched was a cute book – nothing amazing, but not disappointing. Crossed was pretty much the same. This story is more about world building than action or teenanged angst. That makes it unique in the YA dystopia genre right now. I look forward to reading the third, but it’s not going to be in my hands tomorrow, by any means. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Crossed, by Ally Condie

  1. I didn't love it either. It felt a little back and forth to me. It was still a good story, but I felt it was dragged out too long. And I don't like what they found at the end of the book.


  2. If you didn't like Matched, then there's really no point in picking up Crossed. It continues the story, but isn't amazing. On the other hand, they're short books and if you're a fast reader it's nice to finish up stories.


  3. I agree. She probably should have made it into one book and did some editing to make it a reasonable length. They try too hard to make these books into trilogies these days, and sometimes a story really doesn't have that much oomph.


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