Favorite Childhood Memories

This week’s Life of a Blogger, hosted by Novel Heartbeat asks us to relate our best childhood memories. I find this a really interesting topic. Memories are slippery little buggers, they never stay the same with time. I know you might THINK your memories are absolute – I frequently fall into that trap – but they do change. They change EVERY time you relive them. But here is my earliest memory – sorry, I couldn’t come up with anything from fetus-hood for you Scientologists out there.

When I was an toddler, I used to crawl out of my crib. I only have one memory of doing it: I had just, with ninja stealth and agility, escaped my prison. Immediately, I heard my mother’s footsteps coming down the hall. I slid silently under the crib wondering fretfully: how does she always know…HOW does she ALWAYS know? (Answer: Clearly my mom is a Ninja Master in disguise.)

One day when I was around 4 or 5, I asked my parents how they always knew whenever I crawled out of the crib. They looked at me in utter astonishment. They had a hard time believing that I actually remembered such an innocuous event. But I DID remember. Now, of course, I’m an adult, and I only remember remembering the incident. But I can learn a couple of things from this memory: 1) Toddlers think before they’re old enough to talk, 2) even though most of us have no real memories from before the age of 4ish, kids that age can remember things earlier than that.

Feel free to comment on YOUR most interesting childhood memory below!

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