Why I’d switch places with Emma

This week’s Feature and Follow Hop, hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read, asks us to write about characters we’d like to trade places with. This was a really hard question for me, because the books I love the most tend to be about people that have problems galore. Hermione Granger? No thank-you. Don’t want to battle Voldemort. I have my own demons to battle.

After a while, I realized the character I’d most like to switch places with is Emma from Jane Austen’s novel of that name. Reason? Clearly I’d be better at handling Emma’s problems than Emma. 😉 Of course, I also have 15 years on her…and maybe if I grew up all spoiled and rich I would be just as stubborn as Emma. Emma is so sensible but misapplies her sense so gratuitously – and Mr. Knightly loves her anyway – that’s what makes me want to change places with Emma. Although this isn’t my favorite Austen novel, and Mr. Knightly isn’t quite as romantic as Colonel Brandon (from Sense and Sensibility), Emma is my pick. 🙂 You can see my review of Emma here

5 thoughts on “Why I’d switch places with Emma

  1. Great Pick Rachel.

    By coincidence I am closing in on the end of Emma the novel right now. Of course there are some characters who have problems that we ourselves would not have so that if we switched with them they might not have the same problems.

    I think that I missed your post on Emma the first time around. I will be back to read it once my post on the book is written as I do not want to inadvertently steal your ideas.


  2. I almost chose Elizabeth Bennet myself. I also had second thoughts about choosing a main character in a book where she undergoes conflict after conflict. Emma is a good choice and you're right, despite her many flaws, Mr. Knightly loves her.
    New follower via bloglovin.


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