Weekly Update Dec 6th

This was a fantastic week. I ended up November with a bang – lots of good books read and acquired. Work has been going well. Abnormal Psychology class has been going well. I had a bit of a mishap at the Red Cross when I was trying to donate platelets. They had to do quite a bit of “adjusting.” But everything came out right in the end. On Saturday, I went to the Hippie Modernism exhibit at the Walker Art Center with my boyfriend and another friend (who is pictured above with me). The exhibit was fun, but we preferred some of the other parts of the museum. The Jack Whitten exhibit was fantastic. 

Lecture Posts

Books Completed

Film Completed
I also watched The Third Sex, which is episode 8 of season 5
of the National Geographic series Taboo
Books Acquired

22 thoughts on “Weekly Update Dec 6th

  1. Strange when I read this post in Pocket (an app), it pushed the caption for your videos to the top photo and I was confused. I was trying to figure out why you were calling the artwork in the middle The Third Sex, but now I know that of course, you weren't. 🙂 Just too strange not to share.

    I won't lie that I'm not much into documentaries, but my wife is so I might have to let her know about Harsh Beauty. Was it good? Living in a Gray also looks good (not that some of your other choices don't, but those are what caught m eye).

    Now I'm off to check out your November in review as I just posted my own today.


  2. Glad it was a good week. I always enjoyed my Abnormal Psych class… so much information. I like the history book on the Renaissance world- I enjoy reading stuff like that and it looks good. Enjoy!


  3. Harsh Beauty was good if you're specifically interested in the topic. I wouldn't recommend it for the casual documentary watcher, though. It's all subtitled. Interesting, of course, but there are many better documentaries out there.


  4. What a wide variety of reading. The museum visit sounds great, just read we have a new one in my nearest city being masterminded by Peter Jackson (movie director) so will be interesting when built.


  5. Fringe is pretty interesting, isn't it? I doubt I will get to the Dante any time soon. I have a copy of it with the Gustave Dore pictures, but I'm reading so many heavy literature that I need to study rather than read that adding one more at the moment would not be a great idea. But someday. Someday.


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