In which Rachel only reads one book

This week was pretty uneventful. The Super Bowl party was fun, but of course the Panthers lost. My nephew, who picked the Broncos because they were ahead when we got to the party, had a fun time ribbing me throughout the game. Monday I had insurance problems – they wouldn’t fill my prescription because the dose was too high, but I need that dose to keep stable. I hate insurance. Tuesday I bought some new running shoes – I’ve decided to start exercising since I’m unemployed now and won’t get the exercise I’ve been getting at work. Wow am I out of shape. I intended to bike for an hour and then run for an hour. I ended up biking for half an hour and then heading home. But at least I wasn’t in physical pain the next day. Thursday I had tax problems – apparently someone messed up my W-4, I’m guessing my company since I didn’t change it from last year, so I owe $700. Perfect. I just quit my job, too. I’m hoping I messed up when filling out the form. Might cough up the money to get them professionally done. I only got ONE book read! How is that even possible? This coming week I’m looking forward to an EMT ridealong with a local fire department, I’ll let you know how that goes. 

Reluctant Romantic Challenge

I’m going to throw in my Reluctant Romantic post into my update post since my answer is so short. This week’s Reluctant Romantic question is: why have you not read very much of this genre in the past? As you may or may not know, I’m reading modernist books this month for the Reluctant Romantic challenge over at Doing Dewey. So far I’ve finished Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf; and Passage to India, by E. M. Forster. I’ve enjoyed both books. 

The reason I haven’t read very much in the past is not because I have any negative perceptions of the genre or that I’ve had a bad experience reading it, but only because I’ve expected it to be heavy reading (which it is) and I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’m glad I had this opportunity to challenge myself.



Currently Reading: 



One Line A Day is a 5-year one-line daily journal given to me by a friend. The Game of Life will be given to my nephew for his birthday. Passage to India will be my next audiobook. Shadow Magic is actually a granted wish from NetGalley (yea!). Incarceration Nations was an impulse purchase that I’ll hopefully read next month – I’m interested in prison right now because of my new volunteer experience with the recently paroled convicts. And I figured I needed a couple of practice tests for studying for the NREMT (the national certification exam for becoming an EMT).

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26 thoughts on “In which Rachel only reads one book

  1. You're brother sure knows how to pick a winner…lol!
    I'm sure you nephew will have great memories of playing Life. I still have the 'falling-apart' box with the game board I used to play on with my grandma long, long ago! Enjoy!


  2. What a great assortment of books. It's good to read an assortment of books, so I'm glad you read Mrs. Dalloway and A Passage to India. I hope your health insurance situation improves so you can have some time for yourself this week.


  3. Well, I hope this week is better for you and that things work out with your W-4.

    That one line a day looks interesting. I'm doing something similar through an app called Journey where I'm chronicling one thing I'm most grateful for each day. It's been good so far and hopefully will be good to look back at in the future.


  4. Good for you for taking the exercise plunge. Not working outside the home, exercise is one thing that helps give my days a helpful rhythm. You're welcome to link this post to Readers' Workouts on Tuesday at my blog.


  5. Oh, I have fond memories of sitting around the kitchen table playing The Game of Life with my daughter, my grandson, and my granddaughter.

    I hate tax season…as I sometimes owe more, and most of the time, get nothing back from either the state or the feds.

    I started having more taken out a few years ago, but that doesn't always take care of the issue.

    I hope you have a better year, and enjoy your books.


  6. I have a hard time making myself pick up books that seem heavier or are longer reads, especially since starting blogging. I need to do a better job challenging myself, I think 🙂


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