In which Rachel has been interviewed

Ever since getting my EMT certification about 3 weeks ago I’ve been applying for jobs like crazy. In fact, one morning I woke up to discover that I’d actually applied to several jobs in the middle of the night and totally forgotten about it! This week, I’ve had two interviews. Both jobs seem very interesting. We’ll see what happens. 

I also went to the confirmation of my boyfriend’s brother. It took place in the Cathedral of Saint Paul, and was a beautiful ceremony. 

And there was a little emergency that happened in our family too. My sister called me around midnight on Tuesday to say that she was in the ER with her 2 year old son. He’d had a “bad” seizure. It turned out to “only” be a febrile seizure – when a young child gets a high temperature sometimes they seize. It was very scary because it was the first seizure my sister had ever seen – and to see it in her own son! We spent several hours in the ER, but he turned out to be ok in the end. Phew!

Currently Reading

I changed the books I am currently reading because I remembered that Doing Dewey has a monthly non-fiction book club, and they’re reading Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson. With my interest in the justice system, I couldn’t pass this book up. Even though I promised myself I’d focus on mental health for my own Mental Health Blog Hop (for which I’m reading Ten Days in a Mad-House). I’m also reading Roots, by Alex Haley for the read-along hosted by True Book Addict. 

Watched this week

Acquired this week

Book Blogger Hop question of the week: Why did you start your blog? 

My Answer: I started my blog because I enjoy writing reviews about books. I’ve always wanted to be an author (I know, join the club), and I thought this would be a good way to practice writing and figure out how to market. But I never started marketing on my blog, I just enjoy reviewing books too much. 

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16 thoughts on “In which Rachel has been interviewed

  1. Hope your nephew gets better soon and hope something comes up in your job search sooner than later 🙂

    I think it's cool you're reading nonfiction currently. Just blogged about which people prefer and a lot of readers seem to dislike nonfiction. I personally enjoy both so it was interesting to read their responses. Great recap! 🙂

    Quite a Novel Idea


  2. First, glad to hear your nephew is OK. Second, it's been interesting to watch your journey toward getting a job with your EMT certification. I have no doubt you'll get that job soon.


  3. I am so glad your nephew was okay and it wasn't more serious. I remember when a young girl at my daughter's school had a seizure and they ended up calling an ambulance. It was a similar case–high fever from being sick with the flu. So scary for a family member–or even a teacher.

    I hope the interviews went well! Job hunting is so stressful. My husband just went through that a few months ago.

    Just Mercy sounds really interesting. I hadn't heard of that one before.

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend!


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