Reading with the Cats

This week was a good one. I didn’t do a lot of stuff, so I had lots of extra time to read. I didn’t do anything for Halloween since I’d expected to work (in fact, the electricity went out and I got to leave work early, but I was tired when I got home and used the extra time to relax). I’m looking forward to election day coming up. This has been an exhausting election season! I hope you all take the time to have your voice heard on Tuesday. Vote!

On the blog: I reviewed two books this week: Stiletto by Daniel O’Malley and Men We Reaped by Jesmyn Ward. I also kicked off Nonfiction November by describing my year in nonfiction. Check it out, it has a lovely picture of all the books I read! 

Books Completed: In the rather stubborn desire to complete my goal of 75 books this year, I’ve added graphic novels to my daily reading. That’ll probably continue into next year since the Bible group read will significantly reduce the number of other books I get read. And how can I make a goal of less than 75? I finished the series Chi’s Sweet Home, by Konami Kanata, and continued reading the series Bone, by Jeff Smith. 

Acquired: Despite my intent to use one of my last two Audible credits to buy White Trash, by Nancy Isenberg to supplement my Nonfiction November reading, I spent both credits on the 2-for-1 sale. Good job Rachel. But I got some good books. White Trash will have to wait. 

Currently Reading: North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskell is my current serial read. I’m listening to Neurotribes, by Steve Silberman, but have set aside The Stand, by Stephen King for December when I won’t be trying to pack in as much nonfiction. I’m also enjoying The Righteous Mind, by Jonathan Haidt, and The Price of Silence, by Liza Long. The graphic novel I’m currently working on is Bone: Volume 4

14 thoughts on “Reading with the Cats

  1. I read North and South with a readalong group a few years ago and loved it! Need to check out the serial read thing. White Trash is on my audible wish list… I think it would make an excellent follow-up to Hillbilly Elegy, which I'm reading now.


  2. It has been a long time since I read The Stand. I do seem to remember it vividly. In some ways it is an unusual book even for Stephen King. I look forward to reading about what you think of it.

    I also like to read with my cats 🙂


  3. There's no way that I'm not voting. I'm absolutely voting. Don't you worry. 🙂 Hmmm. That seems like a lot of nonfiction. 😉 But glad you're enjoying it. I started the year with some nonfiction, but then just haven't gotten back to yet. I think reality lately (re: election) has been real enough for me that I don't want to read more reality.


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