Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

I had lots of pictures to share with you – this one is a bit creepy with the light shining on that missing turkey head. Yes, I’m trying the technique of cooking it upside down and then flipping it the last hour to save juiciness in the breast meat. I’ll see in a few hours whether it worked. 

This was a good week for me. I’m finally breaking out of my post-election funk and getting on with life. I decided that on top of reading the Bible next year, I’ll dedicate next year to reading books on politics and social justice to try to better understand social issues that have led to our recent upheaval. You’re welcome to join me in reading New York Times’ list of 6 books to help understand Trump’s Win

I also ate three Thanksgiving meals and turned one down (sorry Colette, I was just so stuffed and drowsy) this week. I drove to Iowa last weekend with my nephew and spent time with my large family of cousins down there. Then on Thursday I had a little surprise – I didn’t have to go to work after all! So I spent that afternoon with my boyfriend’s family. Friday I cooked for my parents and boyfriend. And the rest of the weekend will be spent READING! yay! (And maybe cleaning. Boo!)

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12 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

  1. I'm doing a lot better now, crawling out of that mini-slump. I'm hoping to get Righteous Mind completed this month still.

    The turkey turned out perfectly. So juicy! I'll definitely flip the bird next year. It was still a toasty brown on top after only an hour breast-side up. Of course it was smathered in butter to enhance that effect.


  2. I am curious about the book about reading Biblical Literature. Is it designed in a workbooks format or how? I was just asked to teach adult Sunday School and I have no idea what to cover. This might be just the thing since I am a librarian it would be expected from me anyway.


  3. Reading Biblical Literature is a set of audio lectures that I got from Audible. It covers the Bible from a literary perspective rather than a purely spiritual one. If you want, you can send me an email and I'll send you the PDF that comes along with the lectures. It'll give you an idea what's covered in the lectures.


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