Packing for Mars, by Mary Roach

Packing for Mars is a hilarious and informative book about the difficulties astronauts face in outer space. It covers most bodily functions, eating, and what happens to food (and bodily fluids) in zero gravity. However, it has very little to do with visiting Mars. 

I admit that I found this book a bit slow at the beginning, but it perked  up around the time she started talking about the sleep studies NASA is performing. I want $7000 to lie around in bed all day for 3 months! I even called up the number provided on the NASA website to volunteer, but the number didn’t work. *sigh* Oh well, I really didn’t want to ruin my bones. Having studied bones for my dissertation, I recognize the long-term effects of a study like that. I was also thrilled when Roach quoted my dissertation adviser on the effects of hibernation on bear bones. How funny!

I definitely recommend this quirky book to anyone who enjoys knowledge for the sake of knowledge and isn’t easily grossed out. 

7 thoughts on “Packing for Mars, by Mary Roach

  1. For a time I was reading a lot of books on the subject of human space exploration. The fact that this is humorous makes it sound very different.

    How the human body copes in space over long periods is one of the key issues involved that relates to the topic of human space exploration. Thus this sounds interesting.


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