Get Ready to Get Pregnant, by Michael C. Lu

9780061740305_p0_v1_s550x406Summary: In Get Ready to Get Pregnant, Dr. Lu provides a lot of important information for women who wish to become pregnant within the next several months (longer, if you plan on getting down to a target weight before getting pregnant, as he suggests).

My Thoughts: Although the information was interesting and informative at times, I feel that Dr. Lu was a bit of a fear-monger. Is my child really going to have diabetes if I do not get my weight down before getting pregnant? Maybe. Maybe not. Then again, some of the information was quite useful – such as the information on what kinds of foods to eat. Other information was stuff I already knew, and I just ended up skimming a lot of chapters. So, it’s a good, very basic, book for people who want to get pregnant, but I suggest not letting it scare you.

3 and half snowflakes

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