Sunday Update Week 7

This week was very productive. I took a job as a Direct Support Professional in a mental health assistance housing program. I’m on-call, which means I can choose my own hours (there will always be hours as mental health is an understaffed field), and I plan on working approximately every other weekend to earn a little extra money for doing fun stuff with the family. My orientation won’t be till April 14th, so stay tuned.

On Thursday, I left town for a road-trip to Texas to see my cousins. My nephew J and father join me. Friday was a lot of fun. We started out going to the John Brown museum:

Dad seemed especially excited. Dad was even more excited to eat steak and pose by a wooden bear in Oklahoma:

Then was the really fun part. J got to have a movie date with his internet friend N. They’ve known each other for a while on the internet, but he’d never met her. He was really nervous and excited. It was adorable. I wish I could have taken a picture, but they didn’t ask, and I didn’t want to impose. She was cute, and she obviously was impressed with J, because she kept covering her mouth in a nervous little gesture. It was so cute.

Saturday, we stopped in Waco, TX for a trip to a trampoline park. J saw his second cousins there:

I saw my first cousins:

While the boys jumped, my cousins and I headed to see some silos that are apparently really awesome if you watch reality TV.

Fun stuff.

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Same as last week.

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