Mouse Guard: Fall 1152, by David Peterson

9780345496867_p0_v1_s550x406Synopsis: Mice live in a dangerous world full of predators, cold, heat, and floods. They have built a society in small cities around the world, and they have the Mouse Guard to watch the paths between the cities. Unfortunately, a traitor has entered their midst, and they must protect their cities from invasion by traitor mice.

My Thoughts: I bought this book because I could see how beautiful the artwork was and because my friends suggested it to me as a fantastic kids book that could come with a children’s RPG. I thought it would be a good gift for my step-son-to-be. We have yet to play the game, but I was a little disappointed in the book. My step-son-to-be is almost to the level where he can read the book himself, which makes it a great purchase for him, but I found the storyline a little lacking in plot. That, of course, is true of many books appropriate for a gifted 5 and a half year old to read himself. I will encourage him to read it, though I am uninterested in reading any further in the series myself.

I give 3.5 stars because I loved the artwork and feel that it really is appropriate for the child for whom I bought it.

3 and half snowflakes

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