Sunday Update Week 10

The last two weeks crazy with life stresses, and I got almost no reading done. Sorry I got to no one’s blogs or comments for a while. Real life, you know.

But one nice thing that happened is that I went to my step-son’s Kindergarten concert, which was really sweet. He wants to be a ninja when he grows up! We decided to sign him up for Tae Kwon Do lessons soon. He already took a ninja class, but it was mostly gymnastics where the Tae Kwon Do lessons will be martial arts. It’ll be fun watching him progress. His sister will also be taking Tae Kwon Do, at least until her art class starts in summer. She wants to be a sculptor when she grows up.

Currently Reading

Currently Reading

Still working on Don Quixote. This is a really difficult book for me. In fact, I began skimming so thinly that I decided I’m not getting enough out of the story, so I’m going to try another tactic. I got the audio version of the same translation, and I will listen to it while reading along. I think that will help me to get through the book with less struggle. Hopefully.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Update Week 10

  1. Aw how fun! Good luck to him with his tae kwon do! And his ninja training. 🙂 And with sister’s sculpting! Hope you have a good week and a great weekend!


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