Weekly Update 26

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Posting this a bit early in the week since I didn’t get one last week, and (mostly) I wanted to get a picture posted so it had a url I could use elsewhere. 🙂

The past week and a half have been mostly uneventful. I have not had much time to read, and I am concerned that will continue for the rest of the summer, but reading will perk up again once the kids are back in school. There was some drama here and there, but nothing worth mentioning in a public place. My garden is getting overrun by weeds again, but the tomatoes and peppers are coming along beautifully. Now that I am feeling well again, I’m hoping to catch up on weeding.

I had another appointment for the unborn baby, and he is cooking up quite nicely as well. 🙂

This Saturday, I have my first Twin Cities Classics Club meeting – a group I started myself on Meetup. We will be discussing Fahrenheit 451. Wish me luck in my discussion- leading

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Update 26

  1. I also am not doing as much reading as I would like. Life gets a bit too busy. Discussing books is such a good thing to do. Have fun with the book club. I am glad to hear that you are felling better.


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