Weekly Update 27


Well, it’s been an eventful week. I had a bit of a reading slump last week, but I’m starting to recover. I was also able to get some house cleaning done, and am motivated to take a walk today, as I have no kids to watch. It’ll be my first walk in quite a while, and I’m looking forward to it.

Last week we went on a spontaneous trip to Wisconsin Dells. We camped at Jellystone Camping Resort (which was overcrowded and loud) and headed off to the huge water park Noah’s Ark the next day. M and D loved Noah’s Ark, though M didn’t want to ride any of the slides, and spent most of the time in the wave pool; which was fine by me, since I’m pregnant and couldn’t ride the slides, anyway. This is the first time the kids have ever been camping (besides in their backyard), so it was a bit of an adventure.

The big event this week is that my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It’s not a huge surprise, since her memory has been bad for a while – what was surprising is to find out she had been diagnosed since February, and I never knew. I guess my sister and I are going to have to watch her medical situation a lot more closely.

Above is a picture from my niece L’s 3rd birthday party. They grow so fast!

Currently Reading

Currently Reading



On the road trip, we listened to the first two books in the How to Train Your Dragon series, while D read along in the actual book. She was thrilled to be “reading” as fast as she was, and I think that it is a good lesson in speed reading above her reading level. And comprehension is still good, since she’s listening at the same time.






6 thoughts on “Weekly Update 27

  1. Sorry to hear about your mom. Hopefully she will be as well as possible going forward.

    Camping is great but overcrowded campgrounds can mar the experience. Water parks are also fun.


    1. Yes, our problem with the campground is that I scheduled it last minute on Friday night – we made a last minute decision. Thanks for your concern about my mom. She’s actually not doing too poorly. Now that the shock of diagnosis is over, I feel a lot better about the situation.


    1. It seems like the entire year has been a reading slump, punctuated with a few high content periods of reading. I was hoping to get to 75 books this year, and it looks like I’ll struggle to make 40. But It’s all good. There’s always next year.


  2. Sorry to hear about your mom diagnosis 😦 and sorry for the delay in visiting Rachel! Real Life has been brutal lately! Glad to hear you are recovering from your reading slump. Spontaneous trips are the best! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.Can’t wait to hear what you think of Hillbilly. I loved that book!


    1. Lol, as you can see, I’m not too great at getting back right away either. I thought it would be easier once school started…but I thought a LOT of things would be easier. Because of that, I scheduled a lot of appointments during the first few weeks so that I didn’t have to drag the kids around with me. That meant that even now that the kids are in school, I’ve been too busy to read and catch up on my blogging! Hopefully the rush is over now.

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