Weekly Update 29

Hi! I’m on family vacation in Oregon and having a delightful time. So far, I went to the beach, met some blogging friends in Portland, bought some books, and drove to the top of a mountain while the non-pregnant family members hiked. M was dragging by the end of the hike, but he made it up, and he got to ride in the car on the way down. He looks pretty proud of himself at the summit up there in the picture.

Next week, school starts and I will have more opportunity to read and keep up on my blogging. Last month I got behind on both because I was finally recovered from pneumonia and spent a lot of time cleaning and watching the kids.

Exercise this week:

I walked about 3 miles on Tuesday, did a lot of standing and strolling on a beach on Wednesday, and did a lot of standing and strolling at a mountain summit on Saturday. This doesn’t sound like much…but it’s a huge step up from nothing. Now that the kids will be in school, I hope to add a walk to most days. 😁

Currently Reading

The Hate U Give is for a bookclub meeting in October. I still need to finish some heavier books that I decided not to bring on the trip. Gulliver’s Travels is my current Well Educated Mind project book.


These are audiobooks that we have listened to on our intra-Oregon drives.


The bottom three are mine, top four are Aaron’s.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Update 29

    1. I’m glad we didn’t start school in August, or else our yearly Labor Day vacation would have been cut short! I’ve often wondered why so many schools start before Labor Day these days. It seems like it takes away a perfect vacation time.


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