Kids Books and Graphic Novels: Week 46

Because I feel silly reviewing every short book that I read, I’ve decided to begin a Thursday tradition of listing off the children’s books and graphic novels that I’ve read each week.

To IL, I’ve read:


A cute book about a little bunny that wants to run away from home, but is convinced by his mom that she’ll follow him anywhere.

5 snowflakes


A short but sweet night-night story for young children.

four snowflakes


I had to suspend my disbelief for this book, but it was still pretty cute. 🙂 It was about a family of ducklings moving through Boston to get to a lovely new home.

four snowflakes


Yet another classic. I loved this book as a child. Is it an allegory for voting? lol

5 snowflakes


Despite knowing who Thomas is and playing with his little toy friends, I had no idea Thomas was such a fussy little engine. It’s nice to see him develop in this set of stories.

5 snowflakes


Cute book about how much mommy loves her son.

four snowflakes


Adorable book about a big hare and a little hare telling each other how much they love each other.

5 snowflakes


Also adorable. Story about snowmen partying at night.

5 snowflakes


I think everyone knows what this book is about. 🙂

5 snowflakes


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