Weekly Update Week 54


I call this one: Baby’s First Mirror Selfie

Well, this week was hard as far as feeding M went. We got into an ill-advised power struggle with him on Thursday over eating his corn, kept him up till 10:30 at the dining room table, and lost. He didn’t eat the corn, and we didn’t want to keep him up all night because the whole point is keeping him healthy. So we came up with a new plan – we thought that perhaps his reason for not wanting to eat is so he could gain a little control over his life. So we are alternating between family members about who chooses meals. We hope that the increased control will encourage him to eat more. So far, it has made little difference, but we’ve only had four meals since that decision…and he never finishes breakfast. He also ate way too much junkfood between lunch and dinner because it was our very first D&D day! Yay!

Aaron was the Dungeon Master, and M, D, my friend Liz, and I were the players. We used pre-made characters for simplicity’s sake. I am a dwarf cleric, Liz was a halfling rougue, M was a elf wizard and D was a human warrior. We played about half of a pre-written adventure in which the four of us were taking a wagon of goods to sell in a big town when we were beset by goblins. Due to D’s winning a dice throw against Liz, we decided to go up the garbage chute and snuck up on the boss-fight from behind. Liz’s character is close to death, but luckily we have a healing potion to give her. We’ll find out what happens next in two weeks.

As for today’s blizzard, so far it is quite unimpressive. There is wind, and it blew some snow around last night, but we have fantastic visibility at the moment.

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I found Origins of Political Order too boring for my tastes. I could tell it was a well-written book, and maybe I’d have done better reading it rather than listening to it. But I realized I wasn’t hearing a thing because my mind kept wandering off, so I quit. I never actually started Taming of the Shrew.  I watched the movie in preparation of reading it – and then I remembered how totally AWFUL Petruchio was to Katherine. How could I have found that funny when I was a teenager?



Citizen is the only book I finished on my own. The two Dragon Masters books were read to me by M (and I figured that counts, since reading to me is exactly what an audiobook does – and I have to pay more attention when M is reading so I can catch words that he doesn’t know).

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update Week 54

  1. Sounds like a fun gaming session! And a not-so-fun food battle. Have you ever re-served rejected food for the next meal? That’s worked for us, but we also only ever instituted it when the child chose to have the food on the plate to begin with. Meals are such a big deal for parents. Good luck 🙂


    1. Our feeding therapist wants us to put food on his plate so he can get used to having it there even if he’s not going to eat it. I have not tried reserving food, although I have considered it. We have finally given up on variety, though, and are working on just getting enough calories into him. If he wants to eat a hotdog and carrots every night, fine.


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