Update week 55


This has been a good week! Besides finding his thumb, IL learned to roll over to his tummy AND to reach and grab. Apparently, these are both 3-4 month milestones, and he turns three months this coming week, so he’s making good progress.

It was a much more relaxing week now that we’ve made a new rule with M’s eating (he can eat a hot dog every night if he wants to, but he has to make it himself). We figured that trying to introduce variety at the same time as increasing calories was causing more stress than it was worth. We’re just going to focus on getting calories into him.

So far, I’ve had a relaxing weekend. Aaron and I had our book club with my friend Liz – we discussed Between the World and Me. We then watched some Doctor Who. We’re up to the first Weeping Angels episode, which Aaron is eager to see. But he has to wait until next month now, hehehehe.

Currently Reading

Currently Reading

I’ve changed my audiobook plan for the year – I’m going to focus on reading books that I already have in my library. Obviously, I won’t manage to make ALL of my audiobooks ones I already own, but if I listen to 3 hours a day I can read all books in my Audible Library by next January. lol My first choice from MtAudibleTBR is this fantastic biography of Alan Turing.

Completed this week


Yeah, that’s right. I found an audiobook of Much Ado About Nothing with David Tennant playing Benedik.

5 thoughts on “Update week 55

    1. Hi Dani! I loved Between the World and Me. I will someday get around to reviewing it – I’m so far behind on my reviews! But it’s in my queue. I agree about American Overdose being heartbreaking. I can’t believe what kinds of things went on right under the noses of the people who are supposed to be controlling these substances. Tragic!


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