Update August 15, 2019


Hi all! This has been a hectic week. Due to some extreme naughtiness which will remain unnamed, we had to clean a very messy bedroom, throw out a bunch of contaminated toys, rip out the carpet and underpad, and scrub the walls. M picked out some new paint (red for the walls and green for the dresser) and some vinyl for the floors (no carpet for now). It will take about 5 weeks to schedule new floors, but we hope to paint the walls this coming weekend.

D spent several days at summer camp, and really enjoyed herself.



She really wants to go back next year. 🙂

She will be going to a backyard-in-a-tent overnight tonight with her girl scout troop.

As for reading, I’ve made some progress on Radium Girls and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

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