Update September 13, 2019

Baby steps! I got one book read (Radium Girls). I’m losing weight VERY slowly, but surely. I’m eating a little better and started walking.

Last weekend, while I was having a meetup with fellow readers from LibraryThing, Aaron, D, and M painted M’s room bright red. (I did my part by keeping IL out from under feet.) I’m taking progression pictures, but will post them once the vinyl is in and the stuff is back in his room. Then we’ll start on D’s room.

Also last weekend, we had a murder mystery (steampunk time travel) party for my (and my friend’s) 40th birthdays. It was so much fun! Here’s a picture of me and Merry Monroe.

My Labor Day readathon was a success in that I got plenty read, but I was cleaning at the same time. 🤣😂 I was thinking of having a #grumpybabyreadathon today, since IL has a virus and just wants to be held. But he took a 4 hour nap! I got other things done (taking an axe to our budget). So it was a success anyway. And now IL is awake and perky, so reading probably isn’t going to happen unless it’s audio.

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