They Called Us Enemy, by George Takei


Many of you know who George Takei is, but in case you don’t he’s a social activist who acted as Hikaru Sulu in the original Star Trek series. In this touching graphic memoir, Takei chronicles his time in a Japanese internment camp in America during WWII. The story is tragic and uplifting at the same time (uplifting in the fact that as a child, he didn’t really realize what was going on, and although it certainly colored his view of the world later, it did not crush his soul). This is highly recommended to anyone who is interested in Takei, or in Japanese internment camps, or simply likes graphic nonfiction.

5 thoughts on “They Called Us Enemy, by George Takei

    1. “Hold requested on They Called Us Enemy. You are number 127 in line.”

      Ish. Well, they have 19 copies so it shouldn’t be too bad. About 18 weeks. Ha!


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