Update November 22, 2019

Hi all! This was a good week! D’s room is all pink and purple, with her loft bed in place! We now need to get her desk assembled and get all her stuff back in there. That’s a task for Sunday, though, because the house needs a major cleaning on Saturday for Deirdre’s “slumber party.” I put quotes around that, because only one girl has RSVP’d. D’s still REALLY excited, though.

I had a lovely date with Aaron at a Mongolian Grill last Friday. 😁 And I really enjoyed my fortune (above).

On Saturday, we got pictures taken of the kids with their mom, for gifts for hanging on their wall. We also got shots of our family. Here are some screenshots:

We also have a photo we’ll use for our holiday cards, so that’ll be nice. Now I just need to collect addresses! I have a good number of them from the wedding, hopefully.

Today is 80’s day at the kids’ school, so I’m afraid I let her go like this:

Oh, and M has been so affectionate lately it’s maudlin. First he said he loves everyone in the family even if they’re bad because even then they have good in them. Then he had a bad morning, but ended the sendoff with “I still love you Rachel, our invisible string [of love] is still attached.”

This week, I finished reading:

Ps: IL didn’t sleep well last night

2 thoughts on “Update November 22, 2019

  1. Very nice pictures.

    They have 80s days in school? 80s nostalgia is so popular these days. I am enjoying it as I grew up in that time, but I wonder if it is getting a bit stifling for young people.


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