Update November 29, 2019

Well, my week went well. D loved her birthday slumber party, despite the fact that only one guest was able to come.



I think IL had a stomach ache after all that cake.

I also took IL to see a very special Santa – the stepfather of a life-long friend. He didn’t appreciate it very much.


I met up with an old friend that I hadn’t seen in 5 years, and I watched all three Hobbit movies with Aaron, who hadn’t seen them before. The kids did end up going on their trip with their mother, despite the storm and other unexpected difficulties, so I’m getting my readathon on. I’m hoping to get lots read this weekend. 🙂

Deb at Readerbuzz is hosting an Thanksfully Reading Weekend BINGO, which I’m going to participate in. There’s a purple dot on all the stuff I’ve done so far, but I hope to get a lot more done through Sunday.

I had Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and Aaron. It was a small feast, but the turkey was delicious. Unfortunately, my car wouldn’t start on Thursday, and I had to have it towed today, thus missing my doctor appointment for my hip. I’ve had a hip problem ever since my pregnancy, and it seems to be getting much worse lately, so I was hoping I could get some physical therapy. I took a 2 mile walk on Thursday morning, and that loosened up the hip for a while, but made it hurt more in the evening. I will try taking walks more often and see if the exercise helps.

I wasn’t a productive reader this week, having difficulty concentrating. But I’m hoping next week as well as readathon weekend will be much more helpful.

Cheers! And I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.


7 thoughts on “Update November 29, 2019

  1. Looks like all in all a good week – the car and hip notwithstanding – and hopefully still a good weekend. I’m planning on continuing Thankfully Reading today as I’m not going anywhere with freezing rain, sleet, and snow here. It’s already looking nasty here.


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