Update May 14, 2020

Hi everyone! I have good/bad news! Governor Walz announced yesterday that the stay-at-home order will be lifted as of May 18. So, great, we can leave our homes, but there may be a brand new peak in COVID-19 cases about 4-6 weeks from now. I’m eager to get back to some semblance of normal, though, and maybe I’m wrong about it being a bad idea.

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since I last updated you. On the Sunday following my last update, the family went for a walk in a nearby park, followed by ice cream and a picnic in our back yard. The walk was for M’s wolf rank in Cub Scouts. He did a fantastic job of not complaining. He wants to be an Eagle Scout one day – even after I explained to him that you actually have to hike and camp quite a bit to be an Eagle Scout. He insists that he will become an Eagle Scout, and then never take another hike again. IL did a fantastic job of walking for at least a quarter mile. In fact, he ran for a good part of that. And managed to mostly stay on the path.

I got a spinkled cone for Aaron. I thought it was pretty funny.

D got the biggest scoop of ice cream – I got child’s for IL, “like it” for me and Aaron, and D ordered “love it.” She didn’t finish.

M doesn’t like ice cream.

And here’s the picnic. I’m not sure what Aaron was doing in this shot.

Later that week, dad took IL for a trip to the park in a wagon. It was a good trip for the first half, but IL refused to stay seated for the second half, and I had to carry him all the way up the hill to my parents’ house.

D and M had a lovely trip with their mom to visit their Grandparents in Wisconsin. They built a birdhouse that I’ll get pictures of when we hang it. (We need to find a good spot for it, and put a hook in the tree.) They are doing wonderfully in their homeschooling, and are handling the stress of the pandemic so well. I’m proud of them.

On Mother’s Day, I gave dad and IL haircuts, and Aaron razed M’s head, but mom wouldn’t let me near her. We had a lovely roast for dinner though.

Aaron has been keeping himself and my nephew J busy digging up rocks on the side of the house. Apparently, the people who flipped the house before he bought it had a rockbed there, and they just dumped dirt over it and seeded grass. So now all the rocks are coming to the surface, and the grass is all dying. So digging out the rocks is the first step to home improvements this summer. I’d share a picture, but J won’t let me close with a camera, and it feels like cheating to sneak a photo. Maybe I can convince him for next week.

I have been keeping myself busy preparing for a scrapbook the kids are going to make for a SURPRISE present for their mom over the summer. So far, I have spent hours preparing, and I have only managed to transfer all photos into dated-by-year folders, and then weed through pictures from 2011. lol. I’m afraid I won’t be ready by the time summer rolls around! Do you think the kids will be able to keep this a secret from their mom? I’m skeptical, but we’ll see. Here’s my favorite picture for their mom’s scrapbook so far.

I am also busy homeschooling the kids, helping out mom and dad, keeping the house clean (actually successfully), and working 4 hours a week as a respite worker for a friend.

Mom and dad are doing as well as you’d expect. Mom had a little incident this week where dad called an ambulance, but the paramedics decided she was safe to leave at home, so that’s good. Dad and mom are disappointed that they are “unwelcome” at church when it opens next week. Archbishop Hebda has sent out a letter saying that people over the age of 65 are “strongly urged” not to go to church.

As far as reading goes, I’m listening to Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel and Blood Rites, by Jim Butcher. I’m reading Sorcerer of the North, by John Flanagan.

5 thoughts on “Update May 14, 2020

  1. Here on Long Island New York we have been hit hard by the virus. It seems that we will begin the first of four reopening stages in about twi to three weeks. Reopening is such a balancing act. I try to listen to folks who know what they are talking about. It seems that there is a lot of uncertainty for the future,

    My wife and I have been visiting the local parks a lot too.

    Ice cream is always good.


    1. A lot of people think that Walz did a good job at first, but dropped the ball at the end. I think he was dealing with an awful lot of pressure to open back up, and was balancing the fact that he’d probably have power taken away from him if he didn’t open up. Otherwise, I imagine we’d still be closed right now.


  2. I need that sprinkles cone!!!!

    Laughing so hard at this: He insists that he will become an Eagle Scout, and then never take another hike again.

    Hope your Mom is ok!!!


    1. Yeah, we’ll see how long it takes for him to decide he doesn’t want to be an Eagle Scout. Or maybe he’ll really suffer through – but I can’t imagine why he would do that. Nobody is pressuring him into being an Eagle Scout, and he’s not an outdoorsy person AT ALL.

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