Update October 3, 2020

Well, it’s been another busy week and a half. I did a lot of shopping – some of it was looking for flippers and a kick board for D10’s swim team. They gave a link to an online shop I could buy from, but they only gave me the list 2 days before the first meeting. Delivery takes 3 days. So I searched and searched and called and called. I couldn’t find anywhere that sold that stuff (at least in D10’s size). So I emailed the coach, and she said it wasn’t needed till next week! Grr. D10 insists there a place not far from here, and clearly I needed to look for an aquatics store. (I did.) Still not sure what store she’s talking about. However, D10 is loving her swim team, and had renewed love for it when she finally got her flippers and kick board on the following Tuesday.

I sold my plasma for the first time in 6 months. I’m trying to save up for some extracurricular activities including a major camping trip once a year. We’re hoping to start hitting up National Parks, but we’ll start next year with the headwaters of the Mississippi. In theory it goes to a good place?

Sunday started out with IL-21mo saying a full sentence. Granted, the first time was echoing me “Is that a kitty?” He actually pointed at Puck and repeated. Then later, he pointed at some unknown thing and said “Is it that?” At least, I think “that” was the last word. Regardless, he used a questioning tone of voice.

On Sunday, I told M8 he needed to “make his own breakfast,” which consists of pouring himself a glass of whole milk. If he can independently steal cookies, he can independently pour a glass of milk. (I didn’t say that to him.)  He refused out of principle for a full hour, despite knowing he doesn’t get screens till after breakfast. Finally he poured it, and took another hour to drink it. I didn’t get to go grocery shopping that morning. 😏

Aaron finished the front beds Sunday so that he could use the left-over rocks as drainage rocks on the wall. I spent time cleaning and running errands.

Afterwards, we all had dinner with dad.

Monday was a great day for spending time with D10. We went to the YMCA to try out Zombies, Run! At first it was a huge success with her; however half a week later she said she didn’t want to do it anymore because it was scary. This was a bit confusing for me – why didn’t she say that to begin with? It was HER idea to do Zombies, Run with me. I never made it seem like I would be hurt if she didn’t want to. So I’m not sure if she was trying to save my feelings, spend time with me alone despite it not being something she enjoyed, or if she just changed her mind. She DID say she wanted to run with me anyway, so I think it’s one of the first two.

D10, M8, IL-21mo and I all worked on scrapbooking this week.

😂🤣 #BeforBraceis (I laugh, but I hope that she can look back on old photos and see something besides her teeth some day.)

Oh…and let’s see. This happened:

Puck (the cat) hates IL-21mo. Not sure what overcame him.

4 thoughts on “Update October 3, 2020

    1. Yeah, Zombies Run has a really good plot line to go with just a really good idea. I am not particularly surprised D didn’t like it. She has anxiety, and is terrified of jump-scares. 🤷‍♀️


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