Update December 31, 2020

Wow, already New Year’s eve! I hope everyone has a good one!

This blogging week began with Christmas on Friday, which was very relaxed. The kids were at their mom’s this year, and since IL2 had no idea when Christmas was, we didn’t bother doing anything special for him. We had roast and potatoes for dinner.

We opened presents with the kids on Sunday.  M8 got some footie pajamas and a Swiss Army knife that he was thrilled with. D11 got a doll dress sewing kit that she loved. And IL2 got some Duplos train tracks, among other toys he loved.

IL2 has begun his potty training by being put on the potty a few times a day. He hasn’t peed yet, but he seems to enjoy sitting on it, and tells me when he’s all done. On Christmas,  I opened his long-legged, long-armed onesie to discover he had no diaper on under it. We looked and looked for the ditched diaper, but no luck. Finally, I asked IL2 where it was and promised I wouldn’t put the dirty one back on. IL2 got up, walked to the TV, and pulled it out from behind. He must have hidden it there intentionally!

M8 has told me (not for the first time) that he no longer believes in the “Jesus-God” because he believes in the Greek gods after having Percy Jackson read to him. I suspect this is more about interest than belief (he went through a period of interest in Jesus, too). I suggested that if he was going to learn about pagan pantheons and explore his own spirituality, he should try learning about some of the other pantheons, too. I have ordered him a book about Norse gods, and decided the next book we’ll read together after Fablehaven is Riordon’s Magnus Chase books.

Aaron finished his crocheted Cthulu, and has started on a unicorn for Deirdre.

D11 finally got her first set of high heels – ordered for her birthday by her mom, but not arriving until this week. She’s been waiting impatiently for them to arrive. She got two pairs from her aunt Eleanor for Christmas, but she grew a foot size since the beginning of the school year already, and they were ordered in the wrong size. (I had no idea D11 had only been wearing over-sized snow boots for weeks and that we’d missed a leap in shoe size.)

Aaron and I discussed building an ADU for my dad with an architect. I’d formerly contacted 3 architects – one never responded, one turned me off right away, and the third (this one) has been pretty good so far. We discussed putting the ADU behind the garage or under the deck. It kind of puts the shed in an awkward spot, and I guess it’s movable. The architect is now drawing up rough scetches of his ideas.

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