Update , January 29 2021

Hi all! This week was stressful as it had a lot of events that just piled together.

Monday, I had an 8am doctor appointment,  and needed to pick up some medicine (as well as milk and juice, which we were out of). I didn’t have enough time to pick it up till after my work ended at 11pm, though. So I had to make a midnight run to the pharmacy. Normally,  I would have just slept in the next day, but the Minnesota Department of Health had a 1-day lottery for a vaccine for 65+ residents, so I got up at 5am to sign dad up for it (only a 1 hour wait in queue).

Wednesday was dad’s dementia assessment. I didn’t realize how much I was dreading it until it happened. Sitting there in front of him telling the doctor why I was worried about dad’s worsening behaviors since his TIA four years ago was hard. Dad does not agree with my assessment of his behavior.  But he was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment in the end, so it could have been worse. We’re hoping this is a single drop from the TIA and not a continuous decline.

Aaron was very understanding of my difficulties this week, and got some important work for the book-selling business completed without me, which was kind of him.

Thursday, one of the major healthcare systems in Minnesota opened COVID vaccination appointments for people over 75, so I’m checking about once an hour to see if any are open. Something tells me it’s futile to keep checking, but I would really like dad to get a vaccination.

This week, D11 started Scouts BSA (they went to Base Camp for wall climbing and archery) and swim team. She had so much fun getting out of the house!

M8 is doing a fantastic job of taking his liquid medicine! We are so proud of him. This has been such a struggle for him.

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