Update February 26, 2021

Hi all!

I’ve been ok. Nothing really new to report. Aaron has been feeling a bit depressed lately, but his med seems to maybe be kicking in. But he had his 46th birthday. D11 and M8 decorated a Cthulu cake.

This is pretty much how I felt all week:

D11 went to an Escape Room with the Scouts BSA and came back high anxiety. They got out with 50 seconds to spare. She loved it, despite the anxiety. She also went shoe shopping and office chair shopping with her own money (and money from Aunt Eleanor’s Christmas gift). She got all dressed up and we went to Nordstrom’s clearance. And she went snowboarding with Scouts BSA.

M8 has a Pine Wood Derby race on Saturday,  and worked hard on his car.

IL2 began potty training again. This time, I will try not to get burnt out putting him on the pot every 2 hours. And the pediatrician told me to give him prune juice to encourage him to poop comfortably. He’s pooped in the potty twice and peed once already!

Dad is doing well. He finally got his annuity back! He feels rich now. J16 got his phone stolen for the second time. The first was a couple months ago – some guy jumped out of a car, punched him in the face, and grabbed the phone. This time, the same guy pulled up with a gun, and demanded his phone. This time was at gunpoint. J16 says he THINKS he knows the guy from elementary school, but isn’t quite sure it’s the same guy. Clearly, he’s being targeted. I also suspect he isn’t telling the complete truth about what’s going on. His story keeps changing.

And that’s about it. Happy trails!

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