Update June 21, 2021

Hi all! Good to be back on my blog!

We have been working on improving the back yard this week. There is a rock-filled bed squeezed between the patio and the driveway that has several dead stumps and a few severely cut back cotoneaster, which can grow to 2 meters high. It must have been intended as a privacy hedge.

We are going to move the rocks, pull out the stumps and plants, lay new landscaping cloth, and return the rocks with some hostas.

We had a flood in our basement over this weekend. We had a plumber from our warranty company looking at leaks. He decided to shake the toilet until it was pouring water, and left without turning off the water. Luckily, the water dripped only into our storage room, mostly onto hand-me-down clothes, which could be washed.

D11 decided to go to her first day of school as a goth. She did a good job, except when she came home, she gave a huge smile.

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