Update September 3, 2021

Hi! It’s been a while, so I think I will mostly update by pictures:

That’s Myra.

That’s Puck.

That’s Hero.

Good picture of the kids, which Walgreens won’t print because it shows too much skin.

D11 and I had a good time going out on an impromptu date.

IL2 plays fetch.

I made some delicious gumbo.

Aaron finished one of our beds, which we’ve decided will house tulips.

We went to the park, and tired out the boys.

I started writing inmates who either had life sentences without parole or death sentences. I thought maybe they were in more need of solace. About half of them have written back. So I have many pen pals now. I’m getting letters faster than I can write back.

I took some new jobs to get myself over 40 hours a week – mainly asleep shifts. The extra money will help us pay off our new home equity loan, which goes along with our new bathroom. It will also pay for IL2 to go to preschool.

The older kids have enrolled in gymnastics.

I had a breakthrough case of COVID while Aaron and the older kids were in Oregon on vacation. I had to take care of IL2 alone while I could hardly stay awake.

Aaron and I started going out on dates. He’s also going to start Werewolf LARPing.

The Dixie fire got a mere 3 miles from my late grandmother’s house.

Loki wore clothes.

That’s it! Hopefully I’ll write more frequently now. 🤣😂

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