Update July 21, 2022


Friday, Aaron drove M10 and D12 to Wisconsin for their grandmother’s funeral. I had a little extra time to read and get some stuff done that I’d been putting off. IL3 had speech therapy, and his assignment is to use verbs ending in “-ing” and to say “I want _.” I had physical therapy through the bariatric clinic, and my assignment was to find a time to workout every day, getting my pulse up to 106 for a full hour (can be split into 30 minute intervals).

Saturday, Aaron and I did some yardwork for my client. We dug out the plastic lining and cleaned the leaves and needles out from under a shrub. We relined the area with landscaping cloth and placed new edgers (but were unable to dig them into the ground due to time).

Sometimes the pictures IL3 takes on the “green phone” amuse me the most. I found these gems while purging random shots of the TV and feet.

Sunday Aaron, Loki, and I went on a 2.1 mile hike. We managed to carry Loki almost halfway between the two of us. My pulse was about 130 during most of the hike – so well above my 106 goal. Loki was exhausted walking, but found energy when he saw a playground at the end of the hike.

Monday I took Myra (my cat) to the vet because she’s losing weight and peeing in strange places. They found that she has stage 2 chronic kidney disease. That doesn’t explain the weight loss, but may explain the peeing.

Tuesday we had great news. M10 has reached his weight goal! As long as it doesn’t drop back down, we’re done with the eating disorder clinic for now. We are so proud! Just one more week of appointments!

Also on Tuesday, I reached my 40% mark on my Ring Road virtual walk challenge through Conqueror. They will plant a tree for me!

This week I wrote letters to pen pals in Pennsylvania, Florida, and England.

Books in progress

I have a group of friends that is starting a post-by-post campaign from this book, which contains a total of 7 campaigns. I read Chapters 1 and 2. That is enough to start roaming the environs of Saltmarsh.

Listened to 3 hours of Cemetery Boys.

Listened to 20 minutes of The Time Machine.

Movies / shows watched

D12, M10, Aaron, dad, and I watched second episode of Psych Season 6. This one was pretty funny.

Games played

D12, M10, and I played Ticket to ride because I’m limiting their TV time. πŸ˜… I won.

Aaron, M10, D12 and I played pandemic and almost one. Too many outbreaks!

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