Update December 24, 2022


Saturday was a good day. We had session 1 of our D&D. It was Escape the Underdark. After D&D, I watched an episode of Lucifer and D13, Aaron, and I watched an episode of X-files.

Sunday was a relaxing day. I spent a good amount of it catching up on some simple things in life, like my blog and shopping. Then I watched a few episodes of Lucifer.

Monday was a fantastic day. I got so much done with catching up on my life. I decided to set aside restarting my exercise goal till the new year in order to reduce anxiety and leave time for other things that need to be caught up on after my injury-followed-by-burnout.

Tuesday was a busy day of running errands and sorting and wrapping presents. I lost my present to Aaron, bought 2 more for delivery on Saturday, then promptly found the original present. So he gets 3 of them. I still have quite a few presents to wrap.

M10 and I went to a late night showing of Wakanda Forever. We had completely empty theater. He was upset because of something that happened involving strong women, and I had to listen to him complain about it. You’d think he’d like strong women.🙄

Wednesday we had a bit of a snowstorm. We were supposed to get 5-10 inches, and it was closer to 5. I had been going to take IL4 to occupational therapy – a 45 minute drive each direction on a good day. The therapist called and told me not to come, so IL4 and I hung out for the rest of the day.

Thursday all three kids were home due to -34F windchill and blizzard warning. The blizzard was pretty unobtrusive, it was a beautiful clear day. All. Day. Long. It’s best IL4 was home, because the furnace broke at the daycare and they had to evacuate to the bank next door. 😱

M10 read 2 hours of the 7th Legend of Ga’Hoole book in order to earn 4 hours of tablet time. He said “It was a rollercoaster of emotions.”  Despite those 6 hours of occupation, he still drove me crazy by riling up IL4: running around the house smacking him with a stuffed toy while IL4 chased him with a gigantic dinosaur balloon. (May that thing pop soon. It takes up so much space.)

D13 spent a good chunk of the day hiding in her room, the other chunk saying she was lonely. She was most likely reading book 9 of “Keepers of the Lost Cities” down there. She made Chicken and Andouille sausage Jambalaya with me – recipe compliment of my LibraryThing friend Darryl. It was so yummy that even D13 liked it. (Obviously there was no question of M10 or IL4 trying it – both having extreme pickiness to the point of health concerns.)

IL4 was a peach (sarcasm). I think he was unwell and uncomfortable.  IL4 peed on the floor and when I said “Did  you pee on the floor?” he answered: “No silly mommy, that’s water.” Like I said, I think he was experiencing some discomfort and that’s why the embarrassing (to him) accident happened, so I let it pass. He also apologized a couple of times while I was cleaning it up, and I told him it was ok, just use the toilet next time. It’s his first pee accident in quite a while. He also baked chocolate chip cookies for Santa. I read “When You Give a Moose a Muffin” (2 times) and “Grumpy Monkey Oh No! Christmas” to him.

Aaron gave me the most appreciated of assistance and wrapped the rest of the presents.

Friday was another uneventful blizzard day. We holed up in the house and didn’t do a lot. M10 ended up grounded for the rest of vacation for sneaking his school iPad downstairs and staying up all night watching YouTube. We’ve decided to change our wifi password and he just has to walk to the library if he needs to do homework. This way, we’ve taken away the problem so we can avoid further stress by constantly grounding him. 🤷‍♀️

In the meantime he can earn 1 hour of non-grounded YouTube time for every hour he reads.  He enjoys reading, so it’s all good. He finished up the 7th Ga’Hoole book and started the first How to Train Your Dragon book while waiting for his hold on the 8th Ga’Hoole book to deliver.

I read If You Give a Moose a Muffin and half of Simon and Chester Super Sleepover (graphic novel) to IL4.


  • 1 letter Michigan Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Virginia Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Maine Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Maine
  • 1 letter Virginia
  • 38 Christmas cards

Week’s Photos

He’s proudly holding the cookies, but was in a state of undress that I thought was inappropriate for y’all, so I cropped it.

Media Partaken In

Episode 9 – 13
Episode 5 – 6
Episode 1
3 hours – 13 hours
Episode 34-39
12.5 – 9 hours left
Lecture 13 – 14
Season 1, episode 8
Lectures 16 – 17


Games Played

M10, Aaron and I played a hand. M10 won, which is nice because I was not emotionally invested in winning and I doubt Aaron was, either

10 thoughts on “Update December 24, 2022

  1. What a busy week! I hope you and your family had a good Christmas.

    My husband and I have been watching Lucifer season 2 for at least a year. I don’t know why it’s taking us so long. We like it when we watch it but we rarely choose it from our lineup.

    Enjoy your week1


  2. Exploding Kittens is such a good game! Have you played the expansion packs too? I highly recommend it.

    I’m not going to lie, it sounds like you’ve had a hectic week! I hope the weather gets better and there are fewer cancellations in the week ahead.

    I absolutely love D&D. I hope your 1st session of the new campaign went well! It’s so exciting in the first session as everyone introduces their new characters – I love that bit. Even when you know their characters before hand, it’s interesting to see how they’ll be played.

    Have a great week ahead x


    1. Hi Amy! No, I haven’t played with the expansion pack. We are only now starting to play games as a family again now that IL4 is old enough to sit on my lap and “play” too. He likes to be part of the family (understandably), but his grabbiness made things hard before.


      1. Omg, I can imagine playing exploding kittens with that grabbiness :’) good luck! Ha ha. The creators of exploding kittens do some excellent games. There’s bears vs babies and unstable unicorns too. If you all like exploding kittens, you’ll love these 😀 x


      2. How about Uno? I used to play that with my parents when I was a kid. My parents helped me and my sister at first in teams until we learnt the rules. My mum was in charge of counting all the points at the end.


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