Keepers of the Lost City, by Shannon Messenger

In the first book of the Keepers of the Lost Cities series, Sophie is a brilliant 12 year old with the ability to read people’s minds. She doesn’t understand why she feels so different and alienated from other people, even her family, until she discovers she is an elf. She spends the whole book learning to be an elf.

I read this book because I needed to help my stepdaughter (who adores this series) to write a book report. I promised her I would read the rest, or I would have abandoned the book and read a synopsis for her report. It has a watery plot that ebbs and flows over the setting’s beach. It was all scene setting for future books, and didn’t get exciting till the last couple chapters.

And what’s with the huge holes of unreality in the plot? Really? There has to be a tribunal for her breaking a law that literally no one but the high council knows exists? That’s ridiculous.

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