Escape the Underdark Episodes 2 – 3

©️ Allygator Art

Ode to Bouncy Inferno

Bouncy Inferno … with each bounce you burn through my soul

You are a lover and fighter of fire

Your coals burn softly when content

Your coals burn bright and red when passionate

I look forward to our friendship

After exploring the entryway to the cavern with glowing crystals, our group followed a path, eventually discovering two figures sitting comfortably by a fire. After some verbal sparring and a thrown axe, we decide they’re a good bunch, and join with them in their travels to the Drow city of Vlyn’darastyl. The names of our new friends are Bonkers, the mountain dwarf, and Haga, the human sorcerer. Neither seemed to be my soulmate.

In our path to the city, we fought quite a few thorny, four-legged creatures that I heard later were thorny vegepygmies. After they were vanquished, we discovered one had a vampire rose tucked in its neck.

At this point, we reached a series of broken bridges and rotten ropes which crossed over a deep chasm. We used these and our own ropes to cross the treacherous abyss. Haga almost floated off in a river on her surfboard of ice, but we used my quasit familiar Kopqix to give her Spider Climb. She leapt to a wall and climbed to safety. Then, we almost lost Haga and Zepher to the chasm, but were able to pull them from their perch on the rock-cliff.

We met a sneaky, but charming half-orc named Geovanni. He carried us across one chasm with what appeared to be Spider Climb. But he wanted 40% of our profit in order to guide us the rest of the way to the city! I had really loved him at first – I thought that surely this was a soul-mate. But he was so stubborn and unyielding! So we basically told him to go away.

Finally, we reached the door to the city – the dragon statue guarding the door asked each of us if we intended the city any harm. None of us intended harm, and the doors opened wide. But as we entered, Giovani snuck past us on the ceiling, mocking us as he entered. Clearly, he meant the city harm.

Giovanni – you lying snake of a charmer

How dare you act so dashing?

Liar! Thief of my heart.


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