Update February 19, 2023



Saturday came and went without event. Well, except that M10 took a math test to get into an accelerated program. He is 90% certain he got over 75%, though I’m guessing that’s not going to get him into the program. I probably should have helped him study alegebra beforehand.


Sunday, I went to church with Todd, then to a parent  meeting for M10’s musical production he’s in.


Monday I had 3 doctor appointments – 2 for myself and one for M10. M10 gained about half an inch in height, but still has not gained weight. In my bariatric appointment, I found out that I would be on my weight loss med for the rest of my life. That was oddly reassuring, since I was afraid I was going to gain all the weight back as soon as I went off the med. D13 auditioned for the middle school play. She thinks she did pretty well. M10 finished off the day with a Cub Scout meeting.


Tuesday was Valentine’s Day. Aaron took the day off, and we hung out and relaxed together all day. We binge-watched Lockwood & Co. Then we went out to dinner. It was delightful. D13 also told me that she picked me as her hero to write about in Spanish class. I was quite surprised and flattered. 😊


Wednesday was fun. I started by going mall walking at the Mall of America with dad and IL4. The kiddo was well-behaved for the first round, but then saw Nickelodeon Universe (the amusement park) and just HAD to go running through it. We had to drag him kicking and screaming before we managed to bribe him with ice cream.

Then, my friend Liz came over and we went to Olive Garden with IL4, then to a bookstore, where I bought too many books for IL4.

Later D13 and M10 went to Willy Wonka rehearsal and I went to work.


Thursday was also fantastic. After taking D13 to an appointment, she rushed back to school for call-backs for the middle school play. Afterwards, Aaron and I went to a comedy club to see Steven Ho. Most people know him as the YouTuber/TickTocker stevioe (the “Tips from the ER” guy). He wasn’t as fantastic in person as he is online. Just not very practiced, is all…the flow was a bit halting instead of a fluid string of jokes like most stand up comedians. He probably just needs more practice.

At the show, there was a disruptive, drunk-AF woman who we’ll call “Mara” (mainly because she told the comedians that was her name). She made it abundantly clear (and not in any roundabout manner) that she wanted to get laid by a comedian that night – it didn’t matter which one, but she had a preference for the famous one. She eventually got kicked out when she attempted unsuccessfully to get on stage.

At one point, she said her job was to “wipe buttholes for a living,” and when people seemed confused, she clarified that she “works with old people.” People who, hands down, deserve better than her, I’d say.

Regardless of being seated way too close to Mara, I enjoyed the show.


Friday was busy. After two appointments for IL4 (Well-Child & speech therapy), M10 had a therapy appointment. It went so well! Usually he is not very responsive, but this time he really sat down with us and puzzled out what might be the reason he’s been acting out at school. I was so proud of him, I offered to take him to play laser tag again.

Reading to IL4

  • Don’t Feed the Coos, by Jonathan Stutzman & Heather Fox
  • Didi Dodo Future Spy: Robo-Dodi Rumble, by Tom Angleberger & Jared Chapman
  • Didi Dodo: Double-O Dodo, by Tom Angleberger & Jared Chapman
  • Llama Rocks the Cradle of Chaos, by Jonathan Stutzman & Heather Fox
  • Peppa’s Valentine’s Day, by Courtney Carbone

M10 reading

  • To Be a King, by Kathryn Lasky
  • Fuzz, by Mary Roach

D13 reading

  • Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus, by Dusti Bowling
  • Dungeon Academy No Humans Allowed, by Madeline Roux & Tim Probert


  • 1 letter Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Virginia Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Michigan Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter England
  • 1 letter Wisconsin

Week’s Photos

I’m told that this is too many cranial accessories
IL4 took a pretty good picture of me reading

Media Partaken In

Pg 50 – 75
Pg 100 – 128
Season 3 episode 7 – 8
2.25 – 4 hours in
4.25 – 5.5 hours in
34.5 – 34 hours left
Lecture 26 – 27
Lecture 25
Episode 20 – 24
Episodes 1 – 4
Stephen Ho (stevioe)


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