The Voyage of QV66, by Penelope Lively

2012 Book 28: The Voyage of QV66, by Penelope Lively (2/13/2012)

Reason for Reading: I bought this book at a library booksale years ago and it’s been sitting on my shelves ever since. I’m really glad I dusted it off and tried it out.

My Review 4/5 stars
In a post-apocalyptic world devoid of humans, 7 talking animals unite for a quest to London where they wish to discover the identity of one of their friends. On the way, they meet quite a few interesting animals and exciting adventures. This is an adorable book appropriate for pre-pubescent children, with a reading level of perhaps a 10 year old. It is also quite enjoyable for adults who like children’s lit. I wish it were still in print!