Hammered, by Kevin Hearne


Summary: Thor, Norse god of Thunder, has created many enemies over time – and more than one of them is friends with Atticus O’Sullivan, the last remaining Druid on Earth – and someone who has a proven ability to kill gods. Against his better judgement, Atticus is drawn into an assassination attempt on Thor.

My Thoughts: This is the third book of the Iron Druid Chronicles, and although it’s not as fantastic as the first, it is hilarious and kept my husband and myself happily occupied for our long drive to our honeymoon. This series is highly recommended to people who like urban fantasy – but I’d suggest starting with the first.

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Weekend Update Week 21

silhouette of pregnant standing on seashore during golden hour
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hello after a vacation from making any posts at all! The picture above looks nothing like me, except the pregnant part. Especially since my weight loss goals were derailed first by a change in medication and then by becoming pregnant. But never fear! Someday I will get back down to my ideal weight! I have faith! If you’re interested, here’s my latest graph (which I find interesting because I like data).


I’m eating plenty of healthy foods (my cravings lean mostly towards fruits and veggies – and in case you think that means I’m having a girl because you’ve been reading silly internet myths, it’s a boy). I have NOT been getting much exercise, though, because I first caught some nasty virus and then developed pneumonia. I’m on antibiotics now, so I’m slowly getting better. 🙂 Luckily, my mother-in-law is in town helping out while I’m on recovery, so the housework is still getting done.

The kids have been doing great ever since M went on his meds for ADHD. Though the other day he requested to be homeschooled. He seems to associate school with being “bad.” We’re trying to convince him that first grade will be so much better because he’ll have the meds and the new social skills he’s been learning. Regardless, I have been doing research into other options. I’m certainly not ready to maintain my own curriculum on such short notice, but the online public school system looks promising. I don’t suppose anyone has feedback about Connections Academy, do they? I have read the reviews, and they seem mostly positive, though there are certainly some negative ones as well. I guess it all depends on the kid and how she learns. I will be going to an information session next week to determine whether this might be a good choice for me. A is skeptical, but M’s mom seems open to the idea.

While we’re on the subject of school difficulties, does anyone have experience with dysgraphia? We are concerned that D may be showing signs, and will be watching her carefully next year. She has very distressing writer’s block, poor legibility, and poor spelling. Of course, she’s just entering the third grade, so this may just be her natural progression. But I was just wondering if anyone out there has had experience?

Currently Reading

Currently Reading

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m reading too many books at once again. It’ll probably fade away with time, but for now I’m re-reading the Harry Potter series for some light reading, Handmaid’s Tale for some more literary fiction, No One Cares About Crazy People as a general nonfiction book, The Explosive Child, which was suggested by M’s ADHD assessor (and now seems unnecessary since he hasn’t thrown a temper tantrum in a couple of months), and What to Expect When You’re Expecting, for obvious reasons.



M read two Scholastic Branches books to me recently. They are presumably above his reading level, as they appear to be aimed at second graders and he’s going into the first. But for the most part he’s doing great. I need to help him with a word every now and then, but that’s no problem. I’m so proud of him!

I finished the second Harry Potter book and started the third. And I watched Game of Thrones Season 1 with A and my nephew J. Yeah, we got J’s mom’s approval before subjecting J’s young mind to all that sex and violence – but apparently that’s the kind of stuff she watches with him. J is now addicted and has moved on to season 4 himself. Season 1 is as far as I’ve gone.


Also, if I am recovered enough from my pneumonia, I will participate in Dewey’s Summer Readathon on 7/27-7/28. Check it out.

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Sunday Update Week 15


Well, this is the big announcement week! I just got back from my honeymoon. The wedding itself was a success. It was exactly what we intended – an informal celebration and family/friends grilling. Afterwards, A and I went to Northern Minnesota and enjoyed some lovely weather while hiking and canoeing. We also officially announced that I am pregnant this week…

A and I returned home from the honeymoon on Thursday, in time to spend some lovely time with his mother and sister (who’d been watching the kids) on Friday. Saturday, A, my BFF L, nephew J, beat the heat by watching Doctor Who.

It’s been roaring hot out, so now that the kids will be back from their Saturday with their mother, we’re not sure what to do with them. Take them to an indoor park? That’ll work today, but not on Memorial day. We were hoping to take them to the lake on Monday, but it will be 98F and humid. Best to stay inside!

Currently Reading

Currently Reading

I got SOME reading done on my honeymoon, but mostly I hiked and canoed and rested. So I’m still reading the same old books as last week.



A and I listened to Hammered, by Kevin Hearne on our trip – and found it quite delightful. Review coming soon. My nephew J, BFF L, and I have been watching Doctor Who together for a while, but we decided to start over (with the newer series) for my new husband, because he hasn’t seen them.



My list of acquired books is really a list of books that have gone through my hands this last week. As gifts for my attendants, I gave my BFF L (who actually officiated) and my new husband the South Reach Trilogy, by Jeff Vandermeer. I am eager to read them myself. We Two and Victoria’s Daughters were for T, another good friend and attendant. The Complete Calvin and Hobbes was given to my sister, C. The military books to my nephew, J, who was my third attendant.

My husband gave me How Democracies Die, The End if Policing, and the second and third books to The Great Library series.

When Dimple Met Rishi and Baker’s Magic were this week’s free Sync books.

Belated Sunday Update Week 13


Wedding week is underway! Please forgive me if I don’t answer messages or go to blogs until after my honeymoon next week. But please do comment all you like! I’ll get back to you.

Agenda for this week:

Monday – Ordered cake from Cub foods, oil change in anticipation of going on honeymoon, D’s hair cut and dyed (see above). She was pretty excited to get the pixie cut and purple hair. It’s adorable.

Tuesday – Clean house. Shopping for grilling groceries. Wrap presents for wedding party.

Wednesday – Also clean. (As fatigued as I’ve been lately, cleaning the house is a week-long process). Manicure and pedicure for me, D, sister (bride’s maid), and best friend (officiant), followed by dinner.

Thursday – Pack for honeymoon. Clean.

Friday – Rehearsal (only for kids, as we figure the adults can figure it out. M, after claiming he didn’t even want to go to the wedding decided on Wednesday of last week that he wanted to be a ring bearer. But we only have one pillow and now two ring bearers. So we decided to have them be LED torch bearers instead. Much cooler anyway. After rehearsal we have “rehearsal dinner” which is actually a surprise birthday party for M, who wanted his grandparents to be in town for his party. It’s at Chucky Cheese’s. Then my nephew J has a play. I am thinking of going out after that, but will probably be too tired.

Saturday – Wedding.

Sunday through Thursday – Honeymoon at a lodge on the North Shore of Lake Superior.  (Which in Minnesota means the part that borders on Minnesota, lol, so not the northern shore in Canada.)

A friend of mine got hacked on Facebook yesterday and messaged me about how to get $80,000 from a new government program that’s working through Publisher’s Clearinghouse. I informed him that he was a hacker. He denied it. I asked if he was in Nigeria. He said “yes.” I asked him what he was doing there, and he answered “selling your daddy’s head.” I told him it wasn’t my fault he was stupid, and he called me a mumu.

A nigerian slang used to describe a person who acts daft

a dress people wear when they want to eat alot of food.

another word for pussy. it’s very childish and that’s why it’s only used by men… when girls can’t hear it


a mysterious creature that dwells within the South Wales area, a formidable force in eating and sleeps 95% of its life. They can munch 15 pounds of grapes in 30 minutes, and drink 45 gallons of petrol in an hour.

Clearly he meant the last.

Currently Reading

Currently Reading






The free Sync books this week.

Sunday Update Week 12


Well, this was a good week – though despite claims that this would be my week to start reading again, I have not finished any books. *le sigh*

I found myself more energetic than I have been in a few weeks, and was able to do some important tasks in preparation for the wedding. We got some vital shopping done, went to a seamstress for some last minute adjustments, ordered the food and eating supplies, etc. I took my step-daughter D out shopping for shoes and jewelry. She was jumping with glee and said that when she was older and had money of her own she would spend it ALL on shoes, and then she would go to Claire’s and decorate her room entirely in unicorns. We bought her some wedges, which means she has to practice walking in them. In fact, I should probably practice walking in my shoes too! Less than two weeks left!

Hopefully my energy perks up even more, because I need to get the house cleaned before everyone arrives for the wedding. But I’ll still try to get some reading done. 🙂

Currently Reading – Same as last week

Currently Reading


I watched North and South again. Although I don’t really like either of the very flawed characters at the beginning of the story, they both turn out so wonderful in the end. 🙂 And look at that handsome brooding face….





Solo and The Devil’s Highway are the free Sync books this week (available till 5/10). Burning Magic is the third in a really cute series that I started reading a while back (the first one is Shadow Magic, and it’s well worth the read if you like middle school fantasy). Pete the Cat and the Dinosaur books are for M’s 6th birthday.

Sunday Update Week 11


Morning everyone! This was a good week, though I was still a bit fatigued. At least I caught up on blog comments and hope to do some blog hopping today.

On Sunday, the family went to the Minnesota Zoo, though we couldn’t figure out where to find their special exhibit of baby farm animals. (I assume somewhere at the farm?) M and D had two more Tae Kwon Do private lessons, and they’re moving to regular classes with other people next week. M had a haircut (it was getting rather shaggy), which you can see above.

This weekend we are switching the kids to 2 hours a day of screens total instead of letting them earn screen-time by the hour, which was our new rule a little over a month ago. (They are disappointed, but now M is standing over my shoulder reading this because it’s like looking at a screen. He’s slowly reading it back to me aloud as I type.) They are addicted to screens to the point of it being an unhealthy behavior, and the earning time only gave them another way to obsess about screens. 😦 The first thing they’d say in the morning is “I read this morning before getting out of bed, did I earn more screen-time?” While at the zoo, they say “does the zoo earn more screen-time?” Constantly. All day. We decided that the option to earn screen-time was only feeding their addiction rather than finding a healthy alternative.

Yesterday I participated in Dewey’s 24 hour readathon but only managed to read from 7am to 4pm. At that point, my dad called and said he was bored, could he come over for dinner? How can I say no to that? So we all went over to Perkins for dinner. We sat around and chatted after dinner, and when my parents left, I didn’t feel like squeezing in another couple hours of reading. A and I watched Galavant instead.

D had her VERY FIRST EVER sleepover at a friend’s house on Saturday night, which she reminded us of daily for an entire week. She was pretty thrilled. She hasn’t returned as of 7:45am Sunday morning.

Currently Reading

Currently Reading

Despite what I said last week, I gave up on Freeing Your Child From Anxiety this week. I felt that the book wasn’t helpful to my situation since we can’t really get D to talk about her anxiety, which is a required step for the book’s strategy. So I was finding the book rather boring. I picked up No One Cares About Crazy People, by Ron Powers as my nonfiction replacement.

Since I was in a reading slump, I also decided to give up on And I Darken and pick up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I got most of the way through it, and will happily finish my first book in quite a while this upcoming week.

I’m loving Brandon Mull’s newest book, though I think his creativity is fading a bit. His first series (Fablehaven) was about couple of kids discovering that their grandparents had a secret reservation for fantasy creatures on their property. The second series (Beyonders) was about a kid who got sucked into another universe and wanted to save the world while looking for a way to return home. The third series (Five Kingdoms) was about a kid who got trapped in another universe and wanted to save the world while looking for a way to return home. Even some of the cool species that he created in the Beyonders books are reused for Five Kingdoms, which makes it more of a spin-off series than a true new series.



Despite it being a better week, I didn’t finish any new books (probably because I gave up on two). But I did watch the BBC miniseries of Emma with D and the BBC miniseries of Pride and Prejudice with A. Both liked the movie much more than I would have expected. I should try D out on more Austen and see if it was a fluke. She may have liked Emma simply because she thought the character was fantastic and knew everything. In other words, I think she wanted to be Emma.



Audiofile has a program called Sync where two free teen audiobooks are provided each week. These books are available to anyone with Overdrive (which is a free app) on their phones or tablets. The Great War and A Study in Charlotte are free until 5/3.


Bible Study

Biblical Readings

For my Bible reading, I finished the first chapter of How to Read the Bible, by James Kugel (notes upcoming) and the introduction to The Literary Guide to the Bible (this is too dense to write interesting notes for, but it is still worth reading).




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Dewey’s 24 hour Readathon April 2018

On this post, I will keep track of my reading progress for the readathon. It begins at 7am here in the Twin Cities, and runs till 6:55am Sunday morning.


Book: Don Quixote, by Cervantes pp 109-134

Total pages: 25


Book: Time Jumpers, by Brandon Mull hour 6:05-6:30

Book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, by J. K. Rowling pp184-194

Total pages: 35

Total minutes: 25


Book: Time Jumpers, by Brandon Mull hour 6:30-6:49

Book: No One Cares About Crazy People, by Ron Powers pp 103-110

Total pages: 42

Total minutes: 44


Book: Time Jumpers, by Brandon Mull hour 6:49-7:23

Total pages: 42

Total minutes: 78


Book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, by J. K. Rowling pp 194-214

Total pages: 62

Total minutes: 78


Book: Time Jumpers, by Brandon Mull hour 7:23-7:34

Total pages: 62

Total minutes: 89


Book: The Literary Guide to the Bible pp 17-23.

Total pages: 68

Total minutes: 89


Book: Time Jumpers, by Brandon Mull hour 7:34-7:57

Book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, by J. K. Rowling pp 214-227

Total Pages: 71

Total minutes: 112


Book: Time Jumpers, by Brandon Mull hour 7:57-8:21

Book: No One Cares About Crazy People, by Ron Powers pp 110-118

Total pages: 79

Total minutes: 136