Update Christmas, 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The whole family caught COVID over Thanksgiving, and I’m just getting back on my feet! Here’s to hoping for a better 2022!

There was a big snowstorm – 12 inches. D12 helped shovel and M9 wiped snow off the cars. We also went sledding.

We decorated the Christmas tree.

My friend and IL3’s Godmother came over to visit while the older kids were with their mom.

D12 loves her new bellbottoms.

I finished listening to Last Girl Ghosted, by Lisa Unger. It was my 17th book of 2021. It’s a thriller about a woman that meets a mysterious man online. When she’s ghosted, she goes on a search to find out more about him.

I also finished Moby Dick, by Herman Melville! Despite it being a bit of a slog at times, I really enjoyed it.

Update 12/3/2021

Hi all! It’s been a while again! Everyone in the house has COVID, and I have pneumonia on top. It’s been a mess, but everyone is getting better.

The ER was packed on one of my attempts to go there. About 30 people sitting in the waiting room, some sleeping on the floor. Yikes! I turned around and went back home.

Since last writing, I finished a book that needs no introduction: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

IL2 got to throw some snowballs.

IL2 took a great picture of his dad.

IL2 went to Urgent Care with a fever of 103.3, and got an X-ray for a cough that has been hanging in for its fifth week now.

And D12 had her birthday. She got a 5 pound cookie.

Update November 21, 2021

I finished The German Girl by Lily Graham. It is about a set of Jewish twins from WWII Germany. It was bittersweet, and a nice little story. According to Goodreads, it’s my 15th book this year. I’m going to try for 25 books this year since I am reading more now. Maybe unrealistic. But I’m trying!

The Book Blogger Hop prompt this week is: Do you use Goodreads as the main website to keep track of what you have read? If not, please share what you use. I use both Goodreads and LibraryThing to keep track of books. To be honest, I’ve found that LibraryThing has a social network preferable to GoodReads. I am in the 75 Book Challenge for 2021 group in LibraryThing, and the Radical Reading group in GoodReads.

Well, our tenant Becki was diagnosed with COVID on Tuesday, Aaron on Friday, and myself (again!?) on Saturday. I wasn’t feeling well on Friday, but have been feeling fine since. Aaron is starting to feel sick on Sunday. Becki was pretty sick from the beginning, but has avoided the hospital. M9 was exposed at school 2 times and once at gymnastics in the past month. D11’s school has 27 confirmed cases in one week. I can’t get them vaccinated until they are no longer closely exposed within 14 days…but how is that supposed to happen? Minnesota is a hotspot at the moment. I guess this is going to be a way of life from now on.

After a pause in logging steps for my virtual Ring Road trip, I started up again. Here is my second postcard.

It snowed and IL2 had a fun time throwing snowballs.

Update November 9, 2021

Hi all! I have been so very busy lately. I was sick on and off for a while, but haven’t been sick for weeks. I was working 65 hours a week for a while, but am down to 45. Maybe I should keep it that way. It gives me more time for things like this.

I finished one book since my last post: The Siege of Macindaw, by John Flannagan. It is a book in the middle school series The Ranger’s Apprentice. I highly recommend the series to people who enjoy middle school books. It’s kind of a middle ages type of setting.

Deirdre and her friend got their ears pierced. They were both really brave! It was hard on both because of their anxiety, which makes the fact that they did it a proud moment.

Afterwards, we went axe throwing.

We went apple and pumpkin picking afterwards.

We dyed Deirdre’s hair, and sprayed the boys’ with temporary spray.

We decorated pumpkins.

The kids dressed up for Halloween and trick-or-treated. Deirdre was Marie Antoinette, Malcolm Jason, and Loki a ninja.

And Loki got into my makeup.

Update September 24, 2021

Hi all! Good to “see” you. A lot has happened. IL2 started preschool. D11 and M8 are doing well in school and gymnastics. I have been feeling super duper tired on and off due to the post-COVID. According to the internet (though not to my doctor) I now have long COVID.

I will update in pictures again, this time trying some videos, too.

Aaron started LARPing again, and part of hos costume included handcuffs. He checked that the key worked before-hand, and then he put the cuffs on his wrist, when the key stopped working. I wanted to go to the store and buy some bolt cutters, but he insisted on sawing them off. He only broke the kin a little.

Puck actually sat on someone else’s lap.

We got a family photo for Loki’s preschool.

Loki loves this little old dress of Deirdre’s. We didn’t get a good photo of it, though.

My friend Raj and I went axe-throwing.

I gave up on Walk to Mordor, which was a lot of work, for a virtual tour of Ring Road in Iceland. It’s 828 miles. I want to do the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Virtual trails,

Impossible List

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels.com

The impossible list was invented by Joel Runyon. He wanted not a bucket list of individually easy things to do, but a list of things that felt impossible. My list is probably a little long, but I had Fun with it. I have described my quarterly focus here.

Health & Fitness

  • Try 25 new recipes in one year
  • Go without junk food for a year
  • Switch to “mostly” mediterranean diet
  • Lose 100lbs
  • Maintain weight at 140lbs for 5 years
  • Run a 5k
  • Walk a marathon
  • Run a mud race
  • Do a century ride
  • Think about posture every day for a year
  • Complete Zombies, Run!
  • Virtual Walk Appalachian Trail
  • Walk take 10k steps a day 260 times in a year
  • Switch from soda to tea
  • Go uncaffeinated for one year
  • Drink 1 gallon of water a day 260 times in one year

Travel / Adventure

  • Visit every National Park in the US
  • Go to all these parks in one summer
  • Camp in every State Park in Minnesota


  • Unpack house
  • Paint the inside of the house
  • Paint the outside of house
  • Remove rocks and make beds beautiful
  • Create a pollinator garden
  • Keep up cleaning (car and home) maintenance on a monthly basis for 12 months

Education and Reading


  • Cross-stitch Groot
  • Cross-stitch Loki
  • Cross-stitch Creeper
  • Cross-stitch unicorn
  • Cross-stitch Cthulu
  • Cross-stitch Starry Night With Tardis
  • Cross-stitch The Scream
  • Have a pen pal on all 6 continents
  • Make it through this set of D&D Campaigns
  • Have a lifetime of scrapbooks

For my Soul

Financial Health

  • Pay off Home Equity Loan
  • 6-month “emergency fund”
  • Debt-free for 1 year

Update September 3, 2021

Hi! It’s been a while, so I think I will mostly update by pictures:

That’s Myra.

That’s Puck.

That’s Hero.

Good picture of the kids, which Walgreens won’t print because it shows too much skin.

D11 and I had a good time going out on an impromptu date.

IL2 plays fetch.

I made some delicious gumbo.

Aaron finished one of our beds, which we’ve decided will house tulips.

We went to the park, and tired out the boys.

I started writing inmates who either had life sentences without parole or death sentences. I thought maybe they were in more need of solace. About half of them have written back. So I have many pen pals now. I’m getting letters faster than I can write back.

I took some new jobs to get myself over 40 hours a week – mainly asleep shifts. The extra money will help us pay off our new home equity loan, which goes along with our new bathroom. It will also pay for IL2 to go to preschool.

The older kids have enrolled in gymnastics.

I had a breakthrough case of COVID while Aaron and the older kids were in Oregon on vacation. I had to take care of IL2 alone while I could hardly stay awake.

Aaron and I started going out on dates. He’s also going to start Werewolf LARPing.

The Dixie fire got a mere 3 miles from my late grandmother’s house.

Loki wore clothes.

That’s it! Hopefully I’ll write more frequently now. 🤣😂

Update July 2, 2021

Hi all! Things are still moving along here…We’ve been busy. We got someone to come in and look at our dishwasher. The motor was full of debris including a plastic zip-tie and some plaster. It still galls me that the previous owner of our house lied about it working. They’ll come in some time next week to get a new motor installed.

We got an estimate of $18k to bring our electrical wiring up to code. They refused to do the small amount of work we requested until they brought the house “up to code.” I called another electrician who said that it was common for some companies to use scare tactics to get people to pay gigantic bills. He said he’d come look at the house, but it almost certainly wouldn’t be in the tens of thousands range.

We had a home warranty send out a plumber to look at our leaks. He announced that he couldn’t find a leak, so he shook the toilet until water started pouring out. Our basement flooded. The warranty company at first claimed that they had sent the plumber’s report out to approvals. Then several days later claimed they’d never received the plumber’s report, nor the report for the dishwasher. More lies. We got rid of the warranty and called our own plumber and mechanic. We’re getting a new toilet installed next week.

We still have a bunch of unpacking to do.

Update June 21, 2021

Hi all! Good to be back on my blog!

We have been working on improving the back yard this week. There is a rock-filled bed squeezed between the patio and the driveway that has several dead stumps and a few severely cut back cotoneaster, which can grow to 2 meters high. It must have been intended as a privacy hedge.

We are going to move the rocks, pull out the stumps and plants, lay new landscaping cloth, and return the rocks with some hostas.

We had a flood in our basement over this weekend. We had a plumber from our warranty company looking at leaks. He decided to shake the toilet until it was pouring water, and left without turning off the water. Luckily, the water dripped only into our storage room, mostly onto hand-me-down clothes, which could be washed.

D11 decided to go to her first day of school as a goth. She did a good job, except when she came home, she gave a huge smile.

Update June 11, 2021

Hi all! Here we are in front of our new house. Yay! This one feels totally mine, whereas with the old one it always felt like “Aaron’s house.” So I’m eager to make it more me as the years pass.

First of all, most of the appliances are either new-but-cheap (the drier), of questionable function (the stove), or simply not working (the dishwasher).

I also hope to redo the shrubbery in front and on the sides of the house. That may be a project for next year, though, because this year we’ve got to unpack and then paint the rooms.

But if you’re interested:

On the right of the porch is a tall Japanese Yew. It’s very pretty, but neither Aaron nor I will want to stand on a ladder to properly prune it. The internet, which is always right, claims that I can severely cut it back, and it’ll be forgiving. So I might try making it short and round.

That’s a severely cut-back yew which is expected to grow back within a couple years. I won’t do that.

To the left of the porch is a Northern White Cedar, being smothered by the bright green Japanese Barberry in front of it. Apparently, Japanese Barberry is bad because it smothers other plants, and changes the soil content to kill other plants. Furthermore, it is a haven for ticks with Lyme Disease (which hopefully isn’t a problem in my front yard). The Japanese Barberry has been chopped down. Now we need to remove the stumps and trim the Northern White Cedar.

To the left of the barberry and cedar is a short and too-wide Japanese Yew, which will stay, but be pruned to be not as wide.

To the left of that, is a Mugo Pine, which I’m not sure if I’ll keep or not. Then, a rather nicely-pruned Japanese Yew. I’ll keep that one.

To the left of the well-groomed Japanese Yew is a beautiful Sweet Mock-Orange, which smells of citrus and has lovely white flowers. It has a volunteer White Ash popping out of it, and there are also some volunteer Norway Maples scattered around. There’s another cute little Japanese Yew with a Japanese Medowsweet there that you can hardly see because of the volunteer trees. Then on the far left, there’s another tall Japanese Yew, which will be severely trimmed back next Spring.

In the left of the house, there’s a completely dead Flower of Stone. It’s not staying. There’s also another Sweet Mock-Orange and some hosta back there.

On the very end, there’s a Ninebark.

And on the right side of the house, there’s a Hairy-Stem Gooseberry. That, too, has been chopped to a stump. It was annoyingly leaning into the driveway.

My two weeks went pretty well, except IL2’s had painful diarrhea on and off that whole time. We did some unpacking and organizing, got a plumber to put a bath spout in our tub, and had an eventful weekend. On Saturday, we THOUGHT IL2’s diarrhea was over, so we drove to Iowa for my aunt and uncle’s 60th wedding anniversary. I took very few pictures, but it was wonderful to see my family.

I’ll post pictures stolen from family:

That’s my aunt, uncle, and all-but-one of their kids.

There’s my dad and aunt Anne.

Aaron and me with my cousin Katie.

Aaron, me, Loki with my aunt Anne and uncle Darryl.

Sunday, I told the kids we were having a screen-free day. M9 earned allowance by sweeping the maple seeds off the driveway, patio, and sidewalk. Once he realized I didn’t expect perfection, he actually admitted that the chore was satisfying.

D11 earned allowance by preparing some cardboard for the compost bin we plan on creating some time soon. Apparently, if “brown” compost like dead leaves are unavailable, then we are supposed to use wet, shredded cardboard. I just borrowed Let It Rot!, by Stu Campbell from Hoopla. Maybe it’ll give me some tips.

In addition to all that, I finished reading Lakewood, by Megan Giddings. Finally! A finished book!

It was an interesting mix of social commentary and science fiction. The main character, a young black woman who was desperately in need of money, volunteers for a high-paying, mind-bending, abusive “research study.”