Why do people read plays?

In the spirit of the 2019 Year of Shakespeare, I was thinking about why people bother reading plays and screenplays to begin with. Plays are written to be watched, not read. If the actors and director is good, you get more context out of watching a play than reading it, and altogether it is more enjoyable to me. However, people are not considered thoroughly well-read in the classics unless they have read at least some Shakespeare, as well as some of the Greek tragedies. Why? I admit, the way I am approaching 2019 Year of Shakespeare is that I will watch the play first, then I will listen to it as an audiobook, which I think (if well-acted) still gives more context than the written word. I do not plan on actually reading the hard copy. Is that cheating?

What do you think? Do you enjoy reading plays? Why?  

2019 Year of Shakespeare

Year of Shakespeare

Well, 2019 has come and I am excited to be hosting The 2019 Year of Shakespeare with Erica at The Broken Spine. We will be covering:

January – April Comedies (hosted by me)

May – August Histories (hosted by me)

September – Dececember Tragedies (hosted by Erica)

This will be a very informal Shakespeare read. You can read (or watch) any Shakespeare play within the month’s category. Erica or I will post a intro post at the beginning of the trimester on which you can put links to your reviews in the comments. Please put your reviews in the comments section of THIS post. Have fun everyone!

Weekly Update Week 46

Off the Blog

Well, I have more pictures of my family with the baby. Here is my nephew B with IL.


And my nephew J with IL.


A lot happened this week. First of all, IL was diagnosed as with hypothyroidism. We don’t know yet how bad the situation is, but we have to grind up some Thyroid Hormone replacement and put it in his formula. It has given him diarrhea and keeps him awake all night. 😦 However, we think the side effects are well worth saving him from the intellectual harm that could be caused by the hypothyroidism in the long run. Hopefully he’s catching up on sleep during the day (and we’re switching to giving the med during the day, so we can sleep at night). And hopefully the diarrhea is only a temporary problem. Here is a picture of Aaron and IL after a long night of staying awake.


On top of all that, my sister and nephew J “saved” a tame cat that had been out in the Minnesota cold on Christmas. Since they have two pitt bulls, I took the cat to my parent’s house, where they need a cat to scare off the mice. I put up a post in a few places, and found the owner, though, so my parents still don’t have a mouser. 🙂


Exercise and Weight Loss

This month I was told to take it easy with the exercise, so I have only been doing a little bit of mall walking with my mom. And a really small mall at that. I plan on doing a more rigorous exercise routine starting January. I am hoping to get down to 160 lbs before the end of this year, and down to 140 by the end of the following year. That may be asking too much, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Here’s a graph of my weight loss so far since the baby was born. The peak is, of course, my peak weight during the pregnancy:


Not too shabby, eh? Of course, most of that is the weight of the baby, plus some water, lol. I’ll keep you updated with a monthly graph of my progress – assuming there is progress!

Reading and Watching this Upcoming Week

Currently Reading

Still working on The Vaccine Race, The Scarlet Letter, and moved on to Grave Peril – the third book in the Dresden Files (for my Dresden Files Group Read). In January for the 2019 Year of Shakespeare I’m going to read Twelfth Night. So I’ve decided to watch the movies available on Amazon. This is the first I started. 🙂

Completed This Week


Finished Fool Moon, the second book in the Dresden Files.

Acquired This Week


Here are my Christmas presents this year. I’m pretty excited about all of them.

Fool Moon, by Jim Butcher


Summary: When of Harry Dresden’s students asks him for help to build a magical circle to enclose a beast, he refuses because he is afraid she will hurt herself. However, he is soon entangled in a murder case involving his student and her circle. As he searches for the murderer, he discovers all sorts of Werewolves and he has to figure out which are good and which are bad.

My Thoughts: This book is just as good as the first Dresden book. Although I hear he becomes more kick-ass in each of the following books and he eventually gets so kick-ass that he has reached the peak of kick-assedness and can’t go any further. I’m looking forward to seeing how kick-ass he can get. In this book, he is certainly more kick-ass than the first book.

4 and half snowflakes

Kids Books and Graphic Novels: Week 46

Because I feel silly reviewing every short book that I read, I’ve decided to begin a Thursday tradition of listing off the children’s books and graphic novels that I’ve read each week.

To IL, I’ve read:


A cute book about a little bunny that wants to run away from home, but is convinced by his mom that she’ll follow him anywhere.

5 snowflakes


A short but sweet night-night story for young children.

four snowflakes


I had to suspend my disbelief for this book, but it was still pretty cute. 🙂 It was about a family of ducklings moving through Boston to get to a lovely new home.

four snowflakes


Yet another classic. I loved this book as a child. Is it an allegory for voting? lol

5 snowflakes


Despite knowing who Thomas is and playing with his little toy friends, I had no idea Thomas was such a fussy little engine. It’s nice to see him develop in this set of stories.

5 snowflakes


Cute book about how much mommy loves her son.

four snowflakes


Adorable book about a big hare and a little hare telling each other how much they love each other.

5 snowflakes


Also adorable. Story about snowmen partying at night.

5 snowflakes


I think everyone knows what this book is about. 🙂

5 snowflakes


Are discussion posts really better than reviews?


Hello Everyone! I don’t think I’ve posted this picture my cats, Myra (left), Puck (top), and Hero (right) – and I needed a picture for this post.

I just wanted to drop a quick note and say that I’m going to try to make Wednesdays about discussion posts in the spirit of Feed Your Addiction and It Starts at Midnight’s Book Blog Discussion Challenge. I can’t promise to post every week (I just had a baby, after all), nor can I promise that all my discussions will be about books or book blogging (the world is a many-splendored thing, after all). I will try to stay away from politics, other than side issues like, perhaps fracking. (Good Frack! I just pulled fracking out of nowhere!)

I have heard that well-written discussion posts garner a heck of a lot more hits than book reviews. Personally, I’m a book review sort of person, but I also have a lot of thoughts running through my head. Maybe I should share them with you. So to all those book bloggers out there – Do you find discussion posts get more hits than reviews? What kinds of discussion posts would you like to see on my blog? How do you come up with ideas? 

Thanks for your thoughts!