Infidel, by Pornsak Pichetshote


Summary: Aisha, an American-Muslim woman, moves into an old apartment building with her fiance, future step-daughter, and future mother-in-law. As she notices an undercurrent of xenophobia in bother her MIL and the other apartment dwellers, she also starts seeing ghosts. The “nightmares” and “hallucinations” get worse and worse, until they are impossible to ignore.

My thoughts: Brilliant. I loved the artwork. I loved the concept. This is an intelligent graphic novel for “woke” people. Highly recommended.



The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things, by Carolyn Mackler

Summary: Virginia feels isolated from her family. They are thin, beautiful over-achievers; she feels like a chubby under-achiever. When her rugby star brother is found guilty of something terrible, she needs to rearrange her views of who her family is, and ultimately who she is.

My Thoughts: This was an excellent stotry, I see why it’s an award-winner. Although I’m not from an over-acheiving family, nor was I chubby, I could still relate to a lot of her experiences and feelings. This was a touching story.


4 and half snowflakes

Update November 1, 2019

I was going to write a review today, but I am so sad. A boy was struck and killed in front of D & M’s school today and on his 13th birthday, too! 😭😭😭 My prayers go out to his family.

However, I will still update you on some happier stuff, as it is the season. We carved pumpkins, of course.





Note, I carved mine without drawing on it first. That’s some skillful free-hand carving, if I do say so myself.

And we trick-or-treated, of course.

That’s a crocheted Loki’s helm. Not my work. 😁

And I fed IL his first Reeses Peanut Buttr Cup (naughty me).

Update October 26, 2019


Well, it’s fall, and time to rake up the leaves! Our whole family got out there today to make a gigantic pile, which the kids then played in. This is IL’s first fall! He’s taken 4 steps in succession, now, so I guess he’s really going to walk soon. Someday. Lol.

M is doing well. He’s been cheerful lately, and he enjoyed jumping in the leaves. D is also doing well. Unfortunately, we are unable to check for dysgraphia since they decided it’s “all anxiety.” So we’ll just have to work on a tutor for her writing.

And, of course, Aaron and I are doing well. Except that I had an awful cold and didn’t get to take advantage of my “recharge weekend,” which means no readathon this month. 😦 There’s always next month!

Tonight, we’re all going to carve pumpkins. I’ll post pictures next week.

Still slowly reading: 

Currently Reading



Crank, by Ellen Hopkins


Summary: When teenaged Kristina visits her estranged father, she is introduced to crank. Everything goes downhill from there.

My thoughts: I’m generally a fan of Ellen Hopkins books, and this one was good, but not as good as I expected. Maybe it’s just that I was younger when I read earlier Hopkins books? But this one didn’t seem as heart-wrenching and there were not surprises about what happened to Kristina when she started her downward spiral. Still a good book if you’re interested in teen realism, but nothing to write home about.


3 snowflakes

Update October 12, 2019

Hi everyone! This was a good week. IL learned to climb, as you can see above. He’ll push a toy up to a gate and try to get over. If they toy isn’t big enough, he’ll try another.

M went to OT for potential sensory issues with his eating problems, and they think they may be able to help.

D and I had a girl’s weekend because M and Aaron were at Cub Scout camp. We watched severbal movies and got her a mani-pedi.

D also had her first choir event Saturday: a sing-a-thon at Urban Growler Brewery. It went really well, and we’re really proud of her.

Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

Summary: Crowley is a demon sent to earth to seed discord and demonic horror. Aziraphale is an angel meant to watch over earth and keep it’s occupants on the right track. Their bosses didn’t expect them to become the best of friends. But now, the Apocalypse is nigh, and they must work together to do their part in both eencouraging it as per their assignments, and secretly to stop it.

My Thoughts: I’ve read this book before, but after watching the miniseries I really wanted to read it again. It did not disappoint. This book is so funny – a perfect combination of Gaiman’s dark humor and Pratchett’s silly humor. The reading by Martin Jarvis was quite enjoyable.