Sunday Update: Week 1

Mom and DadUntil recently, I’ve been living with my parents – helping them when they needed it. But now it’s time to move on: I’ve moved in with my fiancé and am slowing transferring my books from their house to his. This week was very productive in working out some details in how my sister and I will keep my parents safe and happy now that they are living alone. It was a good week for getting stuff done. It was also a good week for my step-children-to-be, who have been in Disney World for the week – though my heart goes out to their mom who must be exhausted!

This week I completed:


I acquired no new books.

I am currently reading:

Currently Reading

I’m about 500 pages into the Storm of Swords tome, and will probably take another palate-cleansing break at about page 750. I just started No One Cares About Crazy People as my general nonfiction and Freeing Your Child From Anxiety as my adulting book. I also just started listening to The Shadow Land for my real-life book club, and am studying Don Quixote in my Well Educated Mind project.

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