The Magician’s Nephew, by C. S. Lewis

The Magician’s Nephew, by C. S. Lewis

Reason for Reading: I’m finishing up the Narnia chronicles in order-of-publication. This is the penultimate book. 🙂 I chose to read this book NOW because of the Classics Children’s Literature Challenge.

When Digory’s evil magician uncle tricks Polly into entering another world,   Digory must rescue her. Their adventure heightens when they discover an evil witch and then witness the creation of Narnia. This is the first time I’ve read this adorable classic. I’ve heard it was the book that Lewis meant to start the series with, but it was so difficult to write that he put it off until he had developed Narnia a bit more. It’s probably good that he did, because I enjoyed seeing references to the earlier books…like the story of how the light-post ended up in the middle of a forest in Narnia. 🙂 I look forward to re-reading this book later (this year?) when I read them in chronological order. 😀

18 thoughts on “The Magician’s Nephew, by C. S. Lewis

  1. I love the Chronicles of Narnia, but I have to admit the Magician's Nephew is probably my least favorite. I still like it, but less than the rest. Still, it's one of my favorite books from my childhood!


  2. Nice! I also wanted to thank you – Your first link brought a problem to my attention to the way I had erroneously set up the linkies for all the different categories. So thanks for tackling a category so quickly – You helped me fix a problem before it grew to be a major disaster!! 🙂 -Sarah


  3. I'm happy to hear you're already planning a reread of the series–it's a favorite of mine! I prefer to read it in order of publication: it seems to flow a little better that way, as with the references to earlier books you mention above. Of course, either way it's read, you end with my second favorite book in the series, The Last Battle. (I think The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe will always be my favorite, for nostalgia reasons if nothing else.)


  4. There's a great debate about whether the Chronicles of Narnia should be read in order of publication or in chronological order. I personally favor reading them in order of publication because you get to see Lewis develop his thought process that way. I'd be interested in seeing what you think once you try it both ways!


  5. I think order of publication is always the best way to go – at least the first time around. It's a nice way to relive what the original readers might have experienced (as well as getting a better idea of how the author developed the world).

    But as a second time around, there's nothing wrong with trying it another way. 🙂


  6. I am participating in the Back to the Classics Challenge and never thought to read Chronicles of Narnia for the animal requirement but that is a great idea! My son has the series so maybe I need to borrow his book for this part of the challenge, i've always wanted to read it! Looking forward to seeing what else you complete for the challenge.


  7. I have this on audio book and I can never seem to get into listening to it, but can totally see myself loving to read it….thanks for a great review. Maybe it's what I needed to kick me in the but to read it finally! Popping over from the Back to the Classics Challenge 🙂


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