Update: Work stress and new purses

This is my new (to me) Chanel purse.
Bought it at Goodwill at a steal. 
Weekly update

This was a stressful week, and I’m ready to start a new one and move on with life! Yay! A new week! 

Here’s what happened: On Monday I was upset at work because I had to play the bad-guy and tell my employee that she might not be able to take her vacation on the days requested, despite having already bought the tickets. I told her she may have to reschedule, and she cried, and I felt awful. So I went shopping with my good friend, and I bought this awesome Chanel purse at Goodwill. I didn’t get much studying done, but I certainly felt better. 

The next day, my employee texted me (it wasn’t her day to work) that her last day would be December 31st. I told her that she’d have to sign a resignation form on Thursday, when she returned. After a couple of stressful hours of trying to remake the schedule (which is already short one employee) work without her, she texted back “But don’t you WANT me to work for you?” Apparently, she’d been bluffing and hadn’t expected me to take her up on the offer to quit. I was enraged. Another night that I would rather just relax rather than study. 

To cut to the chase, I ended up taking my test on Thursday without studying at all. It looks like I did ok, and am still going to be able to pull off an A in the class. So here’s to next week and studying for my final exam coming up on Thursday!

Feature and Follow Question:

What is your favorite non-bookish website hangout? 

 Well, I don’t really hang out on the web that much except for book-related stuff. But I guess the next best place is Netflix or YouTube. I’m trying to start reviewing more documentaries to add some spice to my blog. I’ve already started last week!


Living in a Gray World, by Preston Sprinkle
Lamb, by Bonnie Nadzam

Lecture Posts: 

Anxiety Disorder
Bipolar Disorder

Books Completed

Film Completed



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20 thoughts on “Update: Work stress and new purses

  1. Sorry about your work related stresses Rachel. I also experience a lot of job related stress that will occasionally interfere with other things in life.

    I am glad that you are still trending towards an A.

    Good luck on the final!


  2. Isn't it fun being the boss? Sorry it was a stressful week, hope this one is bett. Your posts last week look interesting, I will check those. Hope this week is smooth sailing!


  3. Yeah, I know. I don't think she'll last very long, anyway. She's unhappy, I'm unhappy, her coworkers are unhappy. And she thinks it's all because we pick on her. Sometimes, honey, it's you it's not them, right?


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