In which Rachel passes her EMT practicum

This was a good but busy week. I passed my EMT practicum and got an A in the EMT class. Now I’m all ready to sign up for the NREMT (national registry exam for EMTs). I hear is the hardest test I’ll ever take in my life. I thought the MCAT would be the hardest test I took in my life, so we’ll see if the NREMT beats that. I’ll keep you updated. Otherwise the week was pretty uneventful. Filled with studying, going to my part time job at the nursing home, training for my part-time job as a medical scribe, volunteering, and tests. The highlight of the week is that it was the birthday of a good friend of mine and we went on a couple of adventures to celebrate.

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate! 

Currently reading

This hasn’t changed since last week!

Completed this week

It’s tempting to rush and read some kiddie book real quickly so I’ll have something to put here. 

Watched this week

Again, nothing.


The Five Kingdoms book is Death Weavers – the fourth book in the series. I purchased it for a palate cleanser since my reading motivation is going down, but I didn’t actually start it. Ha! Low motivation.

The other book is a medical terminology book which I will be using in my class this summer. I got it now so I can start studying for my medical scribe job as well.

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