In which Rachel buys Peptochrome

Another good week has passed, though again with very little reading or corresponding with blogging buddies. Hopefully this silence will pass soon! I’ve just got to pass my NREMT exam and I’ll be back in the blogging world with a vengeance. This week I celebrated Easter twice – once with my boyfriend’s family and once with my own. I went to the park with my 1.5yo nephew a couple of times and found that he’s able to ride the zipline all by himself! I should have gotten a picture for you. AND I bought a new car. The old one was having “break problems.” That is, it shook violently when breaking. They’ve been telling me “break problems” for years, but I keep fixing the breaks and it never fixes the shake. I have brand new (like within the last three months) breaks and rotors, and had some rust filed down in there. None of it helped, and none of that stuff helped years ago when I first started having the problems. It’s like they simply can’t fathom that my car might shake when I break if the rotors and breaks have been put in properly. It’s always blame-it-on-the-last-guy. Finally, the shake got bad enough that I had a choice – get my next big 15k maintenance on my car, or just get rid of it before I crash and die. So I bought Peptochrome. 

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