Virtual Hike Up the Appalachian Trail: Week 0


Please forgive this and a few more reposts from my old blog, which I’m slowly seeding into this blog for the sake of continuity on this blog.
I’ve always wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail. Big dreams – out of shape woman. (In my defense, I used to be in much better shape, but those days are gone.) So instead I’m going to hike it in my mind, as I try to lose weight for my upcoming wedding. Unfortunately, as well as being out of shape, I’m recovering from leftover breathing problems from the flu, so it may take some effort to start really moving.
Daily goals:
  • Get up to 1 hour exercise bike (Except weekends)
  • Either lift weights or do an ab workout (Except weekends)
  • 88 oz water

Weekly goals:

  • >11,500 calories
  • 14 or fewer Diet Mountain Dews

Longer term goal: get to 140lbs by the end of December

Starting weight: 172lbs
Starting Waist Size: 35.5in
Appalacian Trail Full.png
What I will do is keep track of how many “miles” I travel on my exercise bike, and log it as if I were hiking the Appalachian Trail. I will start on Springer Mountain in Chattahoochee National Forest (Georgia). I’m at altitude 3771 feet. 

3 thoughts on “Virtual Hike Up the Appalachian Trail: Week 0

  1. I love hiking and so do my kids! So on my family blog I started a series to document our hikes and of course the Appalachian Trail was one of our goals because we live in New England. I’m also trying to find some continuity between my two blogs so I know what you mean 🙂 Hope you get better and good luck with your weight loss and


  2. How fun! My husband and I like to go hiking, so I do talk about our hikes on my blog sometimes. That is so cool that you’ve given yourself the goal of the Appalachian Trail while biking. It really gives you a concrete goal to work towards.


    1. It does, though it hasn’t helped me yet. I had a bit of a slow exercise week last week and this week needs to turn around quickly. But I’m hoping once I start packing in the miles I’ll feel encouraged by this virtual hike strategy.


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