Sunday Update – Week 2

I hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day week. I did. I even spent it with someone, which is rare for me. My fiancé wasn’t as much of a fan of the Viking Blod as I was, but he loved the chocolate covered strawberries.

This wasn’t a great reading week for me as I have been drifting between hypomanic and depressed all week. However, the incumbent insomnia inherent to bipolar disorder meant I had plenty of time to listen to my audiobook while silently sitting, sulking away in the dark. As selfied here:

Yup, that’s me listening to Shadow Land, while trying to fall asleep without waking up the fiancé.

And these (the words you’re reading) are me writing while hypomanic in the middle of the night. Ah, mania is so fun. I wish it weren’t unhealthy. Alas!

My step-daughter-to-be and I baked cupcakes on Thursday, while watching Frozen:


This week I have finished 0 books. But I watched:


My step-children-to-be, nephew, fiancé, and I watched Wonder and played Apples to Apples Junior as part of a family night last Sunday.  Wonder was an amazing movie. The fiancé and I watched Bridget Jones Diary on Valentine’s Day. And the fiancé, nephew, and I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine on Friday night after the kiddos went to bed. That was a sucky movie, but since we’re watching all the X-Men movies in order we had to check it off. 

I played:

I acquired:


I am currently reading:



9 thoughts on “Sunday Update – Week 2

    1. The Viking Blod was very tasty, but he didn’t like it because the alcohol content was too high and he’s a bit of a light weight. He shuddered every time he sipped it. lol But that’s ok. Left more for me.


  1. oh lord Rachel those pics! [not all of them about food tough.. wolverine! (swoons) ] I’m so hungry right now! Glad to hear you had a good time! I had never heard of Viking Blood. Is it good?
    Sorry to hear you have been up and down and not sleeping well 😦 I suffered terrible Post-partum depression with my two pregnancies that lasted for years. That’s why I read and blog a lot about mental health so I think I may know at least partially how you feel 😦
    Hope you feel more balanced soon.

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    1. The Viking Blod was mead (which you can probably guess from the name). It came in a beautiful stoneware bottle that I can’t get myself to throw out despite having no use for it. It was very tasty, it’s just that the alcohol content was higher than Aaron liked.

      I am very interested in mental health as well, though I don’t blog about it as much as I would wish. It’s tempting to have a mental health awareness theme in May, though that’s the month I’m getting married.

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